Friday, June 12, 2009

Bit of this, bit of that.

We've all got those ''unfinished projects'' piles haven't we, but are there others out there like me that for every one of those projects that we finish, we start three new ones! So the ''unfinished projects'' pile just keeps getting higher and higher. I have a complete lack of discipline and/or willpower when it comes to starting new things. But I have nearly finished this project..... Days in Provence..

This is a gorgeous pattern designed by Jackie Nicholls of House on the Hill Designs - I'm actually not prepared to admit to how long the fabrics have been sitting in a nicely folded pile, waiting to be cut and pieced, but last weekend I did it!! I finished stitching the lovely little lavender blocks and the words - and then put it all together (except for the linen border which will go on this weekend). Then just some simple hand quilting and that's one to be crossed off the ''list''.
I also found these little pincushions that I had made from leftovers of a quilt I stitched earlier in the year. They were in a much neglected state - not even turned through - so out with the stuffing, buttons and beads and another thing off the ''list''.
This week I have been playing with a couple of new designs. I have been wanting to make a little Christmas bag using some of Barb's fabulous buttons - these angel buttons are so sweet. I think I will make another one of these bags with some of her Santa buttons as well.

And the other idea that I have been working on is vintagey Christmas decorations. I made a start on these last weekend, and finished the star, and last night I started on the heart. I wanted to combine a little bit of simple beading and embroidery and I quite like the end result! There are two more, yet, to go - a rainy weekend does wonders for the stitching.

I hope you manage to cross one thing off your ''list'' this week (and start three more!).
Happy stitching.


Josie said...

well done for finishing things! I like the pincushions!
I have a bag I started in August last year and just cannot get motivated to finish it!
Josie x

Quilting Kim said...

Oh Jenny - it must feel so good to have crossed those projects off your list - and each one is gorgeous. What a snappy way to jazz up those pincushions with ribbon, buttons and beads.

I'm always so envious of those that can start thinking about Christmas and planning their projects NOW!

Simone de Klerk said...

Some lovely lovely projects once again dear Jenny!