Tuesday, July 14, 2009

These gorgeous little creatures are kind of appropriate right now! Another chilly weekend saw me inside and sewing! It was okay though as I did need to get some class samples finished - these cuties are from one of Marg Low's patterns, and are part of the Christmas Club classes that start next month. Just have to knit a teeny weeny scarf, now, for the two big guys at the back.

This is another of the classes - these are not my samples but Marg's - her Stitched Blessings stockings - one of her brand new patterns and just so lovely.

And here's my little angel for the vintage decorations classes - I think I will make some more of her in Christmas reds and greens - I quite like her!

My poor little car was frozen solid this morning - literally - the key would not turn in the lock! When I finally managed to ''break into'' her, it was a very cautious drive down the hill indeed, and she is now outside in the sun, defrosting properly. I need to go and move her into the garage now before the parking person comes or before I foget and the parking person still comes!!
Keep warm and keep stitching

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Simone de Klerk said...

So many wonderful projects to show, dear Jenny! Also on the other posts. Great catching up with all those nice things you are making.