Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This afternoon I am supposed to be doing something else - but I absolutely loathe doing that ''something else'' so I have become the master of ''let's see what else we can do instead and delay it just a little longer''. And I remembered! I haven't been here since getting back from our little holiday - the perfect excuse not to do the other thing! We had a fabulous time. As soon as the last guest had left we hit the road for Alexandra - I swear that there is something in the air up that way that makes you relax - once you hit Roxburgh, it just seems to happen - breathe it in and holiday mode takes over. We always stop in Roxburgh for coffee (and a little something from the bakery!) - there's a special little spot round the back of the township overlooking the river where we ''do'' morning tea (though in this case it was more like lunch!) Then, of course, there are multiple stops at the roadside fruit stalls - to load up with cherries, plums and apricots. By the time we got to Alex we were ready for a walk/bike in the hills.

Even though the wild thyme was well past it's best, the smell of it was still heavenly. And meandering around these hills on a warm day was bliss.
The second day we walked part of the river track and met this little fellow along the way. He was just a baby I think, and I'm not entirely sure how he got to be where we found him. Eventually he scurried under a large rocky overhang, away from us and the sun, no doubt, and I am hoping that his mother found him. He was so cute.
We stopped at this point, before heading back, and the utter peace and stillness was incredible. Only the birds singing in the background.

One thing that drives Jake nuts when we are out walking is that I am forever stopping to take pictures of wildflowers - can't understand why this annoys him, though! They are gorgeous - this is a favourite.

Stitching on holiday was not as productive as I had hoped - blame it on the motel lighting! So all I managed was to finish these, from a project that has been in the basket for a while now...

...and I did another of Barb's little cat stitcheries - still have one more to go to make up the set of four.
So.... this has delayed the dreaded task quite nicely - but I don't think I should delay it any longer or I'll get into trouble. Need to go calculate and file my GST return!
Happy stitching (I wish I was!)


By Hoki Quilts said...

Hi Jenny, I love your sticheries, especially the 'Santa' one.
Was that a wee Morepork that you found, whatever it was very, very cute. Fab scenery around that area and the fresh fruit is to die for, especially the ripe apricots still slighty warm from the tree. Oh you lucky thing.
Just done my gist, not a job I enjoy : (

Julz said...

Gorgeous photo's of your break away, love the one of the baby morepork and out in daylight too! Hugs Jx

Simone de Klerk said...

You must have had a lovely time together with Jake!
Love the Santa stitchery. So cute!
BTW the order came in perfectly and the 0,005 pen is definitely perfect!
Have a lovely week.