Monday, June 21, 2010

Went for a nice long walk this morning - I took my ''lazy days'' track - I couldn't quite face the gazillion steps on the other ''track'' even though I really had no reason to feel lazy. I mean, it's not as if yesterday was spent doing anything more strenuous than stitching and watching a pile of DVD's, and then, even though I meant to get up at 2.00 a.m. this morning (does that hour actually exist!) to watch our fabulous All Whites in action, I didn't!! Well, I did sort of - just briefly - to wake Jake who had decided he would also watch it - but I am ashamed to say that we both decided that our beds were more appealing at that hour of the morning - and now of course I wish we did get up 'cos we drew with the Italians!!! How amazing is that! I don't normally get quite so caught up withany sporting event, but how can you not!!

So anyway, today being the shortest day of the year, I thought I would look for early early signs of spring - ever hopeful I know, but I did find one! I know these aren't real spring bulbs, just little old onion plants, but they do still look pretty...

... and the ground under these trees will be covered in daffodils in not so many weeks away.
I'll show you this photo again in Srping - it's quite beautiful here. Then I saw these - in real life they are absolutely tiny - I thought they were just so cute - can you have cute toadstools?

Spent some time with Jane again over the last couple of weeks and I have finished two more gorgeous little blocks - this first is one of her fans...

... and then I did the autumn hollyhock window...

On the weekend I also stitched the next block of Lynette Andersons Scandinavian Christmas - 'cept I've just realised that I still have to put a patch on Snowie!

This has been a lovely diversion today, but sadly now I must attend to bookwork. Hmmm - I'm sure if I look around, there is something else I can find to do instead .... cuppa tea and stitching anyone?

See you later



Deb said...

What a beautiful looking walk Jen. Its always nice being able to walk through natives isn't it. Loving your stitchery and Xmas block.
hugs Deb

Simone de Klerk said...

Funny while you have the shortest day and for us it is the longest (O:
Congratulations for NZ with their match against Italy. I would have loved NZ win! the time for the matches are good here. We have 2 in the afternoon and one in the evening.
Love you Jane Austen stitcheries!!!
And Lynette's project is so cute! Do you have kits for that?

Anonymous said...

Hi just love Lynette's laest christmas quilt. I did her previous one and it has to be one of my favourite quilts,,, Just love your stitching....Di