Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Triangles and Hexagons

The morning walks over the last few weeks have really tested my dedication - I'm a bit of a sook in the cold. But, this morning as I was leaving I spied the child's MP3 - aha, I thought - some music will help! Now, apart from my sewing machine and my lappie, I don't do so well with gadgets, so it took me a few minutes to work out how to make the thing go - not being able to find a simple ''on'' button I thought it must have been touch screen start - so I spent several minutes patting the MP3 allover before discovering a miniscule, tiny, almost invisible switch thingie on the side!! Certainly not designed for those of us who have less than perfect eyesight. Anyway, it started off pretty well with songs I knew, then there was the occasional one I'd never heard of, and then....there was the song I probably would have preferred not to hear. Flipping heck, I nearly tripped over when the opening lyrics blasted in my ears. Woohoo!!! I decided it was best I didn't know the rest of the contents of the MP3 and maybe I'll go get my own one, and load it up with music that I like. Though, in all fairness to Jake, he did have one of my all time favourite Santana songs loaded - excellent taste!

So, he's been starting to do some serious downhill practice for races that start this month - seems that the track doesn't have to be dry to ride it....

...the amount of mud that's on his bike was about a quarter of what was one him! He rode in my car covered in muck - up and down the hill - at first it was kind of funny, but then it just plain stunk. Muck stinks! I am desperately hoping that the next practice session will be sunny and dry.

The garden is starting to unfurl - have been spending some time making a few changes and starting to tidy things up cos the daffies are coming!
This has the most amazing perfume.

Other than gardening and running round after the child, and the occasional walk I have still been stitching. Finished a few more Jane Austen blocks - here's another gorgeous bonnet...

...and the Bay Window at Bath...

...and a quote from one of Jane's letters...

I've also been playing with a little bit of cross stitch - one of the Stacy Nash designs that I've had for a while - it will make up into a lovely little sewing roll.

And I've started my hexagon quilt - another project I've been meaning to start for a couple of years! This is very probably going to be the equivalent of my crocheted blanket - in 5 years time I will still be stitching hexagons together wondering why I ever started! But I really do love paper piecing little hexagons so am in no rush - it can take as long as it likes:)

Another project I started last week is a simple half-triangle quilt - inspired by a photo in a recent magazine - I just loved the simplicity of it, and wondered how it would look in my favourity soft colours. These are the rows I've done so far - a few more to go over the weekend, perhaps, and then I can join them all together. Then to hand quilt or machine. I think the hand-quilting will win
So, that's what has been keeping me busy for the past few weeks, along with the usual other stuff:)
Time to go do a few more hexagons, and make a cuppa.
Happy stitching


Deb said...

Gosh Jenny, when have you managed to find time to sleep?

Simone de Klerk said...

You really know how to make someone laugh out loud, Jenny, by describing those situations with J and the MP3 (((o:
Ooooooooh, I have to start Jane Austen. So so pretty!
All the other work looks very very nice too. Love the combination of the beautiful hexagons!
Lovely post!

By Hoki Quilts said...

Hey lady you're just a dynamo! Before breaky you've used more energy than I would in a day! Love the springy pics - just a hint of the joys to come eh?
Have a fab day

Elizabeth said...

I too laughed out loud (and I'm home by myself)at your story of the MP3 and Jakes escapade with the mud. Would love to have seen a photo of him covered in mud.
Love your hexagon quilt. Some years ago I started on but with the thimble shape in Moda fabric. I must get it out, even just to let the moths escape!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John'aLee said...

I adore your 'Jane' blocks. Your work is beautiful. Love the hexis too. I have been addicted to them for a few years now. Such relaxing work!

Craft Town Fabrics said...

Your Jane Austen blocks are a wonderful stitchery.

kiwicarole said...

Mmmm, lovely hex quilt! What size are you using? I am going to make a start on one soon, my long term project :))