Monday, October 11, 2010

Lazy Day

Today I'm being lazy!! Actually, yesterday I was lazy too and it was great! It was a cold day down here in the south, windy, rainy, even hail. Spent the entire afternoon stitching and watching some DVD's - the fire was going and it was very snug indeed. I went to my ''to do one day'' basket and pulled out these gorgeous little button stories that Barb does ( They were the perfect projects for the day.

I should probably be outside scraping and sanding again today but I'm sure it's far too windy, or cold, or something :) Did you know that you can sand your fingerprints off? So that you have great difficulty accessing your laptop if your password is your fingerprint!!! In fact, access is impossible, and a code cracker is needed. Another one of those ''minty'' moments really - standing in the 'puter shop with three blokes having a good giggle at my expense - very funny!!! But, the sanding is paying off - the front of the house now looks like this...

Been spending long hours in the garden too - with lots of help from the child over the holidays - clearing and replanting the entire front bank. It's looking a little less like a short jungle now! We have the most brilliant red tulips in flower - when they catch the sun it seems that they almost glow....

.. and I have absolutely no idea what this is but I thought it was so pretty - it is probably just a weed, but it's still very sweet.

I have only two little blocks left to do for Jane A's quilt - these three I've done over the past couple of weeks. The acorn tree...

... sweet Jane Bennet ...

...and being a good girl for...

...ten years!!!! Hmmm... guess I wouldn't get to see too many reviews!!
I'm looking outside and it's real sunny, but I'm sure it's still cold (ish). And if I've been lazy for half the day, might as well be lazy for the rest of the day - and there is gingerbread and coffee downstairs. Nearly as good as chocolate :)

Have a great stitchy week.



By Hoki Quilts said...

Crikey girl, you're a machine there's just no stopping you. Now my dear Jen, let me tell you that there is NOTHING as good as chocolate!!
keep warm, we have sun here today :))

Elizabeth said...

House and Garden looking great.

I agree there is nothing better than chocolate.
We have had rain and sun here today, and I have had to crank up the heat pump.

Beenout today to buy fabric for a new project yeah!!!! Japanese fabric to use as backgrounds in the heart to hand christmas block of themonth, I've just been sitting at the table playing and fondling with them.



clare's craftroom said...

Jenny your house is looking fantastic ! No wonder as you've obviously been working hard enough to lose your fingerprints .
I could do with some hot chocolate now too , mmmm !

Leeanne said...

Lovely to talk to you the other day.
You house and garden looks fabulous.
It has been very cold here in the north too.