Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stitching Time

I'm not sure about the rest of the country, but down here in the south winter seems to have arrived slightly early. These past few days have been shiver weather!! But, that can only mean one thing - more stitching time! Cos it sure ain't gardening time!! So I've been playing a little in the sewing room - made a start on a quilt for the wall of one of my guest rooms - this is the pile of nine patch I started with a couple of days ago ...

I'm thinking that tomorrow could still be playtime in the sewing room, so hopefully the pile will be joined with strips by tomorrow afternoon. I also finished the little bag that I did the button stitchery from ''Stitch with Love'' for - I'm happy with my wee bag.

Been rearranging some ''stuff'' upstairs and decided to hang a couple of quilts in the office room - I have the perfect wall - big and out of the direct sunlight - I chose this one to hang - you can see it's been folded for far too long, judging by the fold line down the middle, but it's already looking better after hanging for a few days. The quilt is one of Barb Smith's designs - the Company of Angels - love it :)

I stitched this sweet little door hanger for a friend - a very late birthday present! Filled it with some lavender from my garden and posted it off. It's a Kathy Schmitz design - lovely to stitch.

I'm stitching another of her designs at the moment - more of a sampler - with bunnies on it, of course. It's rather large so might take a while, but it is quite addictive - there have been a few late nights stitching.

Found this wee sweetie on a walk yesterday - it was on the grass verge right beside a fairly busy main street and I must admit I did feel like a bit of a nutter getting down on all fours to take this pic with cars whizzing by - but it was worth it.

Now I think I have a little bit of time to do a little bit of stitching before dinner:)

And then some more after!

Happy stitching



Elizabeth said...

What fab photos. It has been cold up here today too. I have been very glad of the heat pump which I have had on all day. I have even turned the electric blankets on tonight. I think I will be sorting out the winter wardrobe tomorrow. I agree with you though, it is great stitching weather.

brandy1 said...

Enjoyed your blog to catch up with what you are stitching at the moment. Not too cold here in the Waikato but have put the heating on the last 2 evenings and thought it might be time for electric blankie very soon.Am knitting socks at the moment!! First time and such fun. Also stitching Jane Austin BOM and enjoying it. Loved the toadstool. Did you see any fairys around!? Warm regards Shirley

barb said...

Happy Easter Jenny
All those love;y pictures of your stitching...gorgeous..
PS Share that chocolate...

Simone de Klerk said...

What a great wall, to display such a beautiful quilt!
No mushrooms here for a while. We have the spring flowers now ;o)