Saturday, May 21, 2011

My "Snug'' Quilt

Now I don't want to skite, but I have to say I'm pretty pleased with myself because I have finished the quilt!!! That's the one that I showed you a couple of posts back - I am impressed with myself that I have actually managed to finish and hang this quilt in what, for me, is a respectable amount of time from start to finish. It's in one of the guest bedrooms, the ''snug'' room, and it's not going to end up joining the pile of other neatly folded ''tops''. The quilting is not perfect - in fact, it's far from perfect - but it's okay:) I nearly gave up on the quilting, though. Tried four different patterns, and nothing seemed to work - even resigned myself to hand-quilting it but decided that I wanted it on the wall this year, not next, so I went back to the machine. So, yeah, it's okay, but the overall effect I'm very happy with and I still sneak a peek each time I pass the room cos I love it :)

I've also finished the Kathy Schmitz sampler I've been working on for a few weeks - it's called ''Peace and Plenty'' and I decided to stitch it all in blue - now I'm on the hunt for the perfect frame for it. This week I've been making a start to my samples for the Simply Charming retreat weekends. These are some of the hearts and sachets I've made for the Lavender and Linen one..

...and this is the tea cosy for the Retro Vintage Home retreat...

There's more, but they are not quite finished, so I'll keep them for the next post. The crochet bug has bitten again - there's been some seriously addictive crocheting happening this week, which has been perfect, really, cos the nights have been chilly and the fire has been going, and there's even been quite of bit of decent telly for a change - well, any week with Grey's is good isn't it. It seems like forever since we last saw McDreamy :))

Can I have another skite before I go? Well, not really a skite, more of a ''he did good'' moment. Since I was here last, we took a drive down south to Bluff - an interesting quirky little town that does the best hot chips in the whole wide world (I wish I knew the name of the shop cos it is worth a trip to Bluff to taste these chips - they are amazing!!!) But we didn't actually go there for the chips - they were a delicious and unexpected bonus (you can tell that I really liked them can't you!). We went there for the hill, and the Downhill Southland Champs - and the child came away with the trophy for his age category. One happy child, one proud mother. And happy for him too:) He was covered from top to toe in mud, but grinning. Another bag of hot chips on the way home to celebrate (any excuse!!).

Gotta go - homemade pizza night - and I can hear the crochet hook calling me already - there will be many more mini granny squares littering the couch by the time I have finished tonight.

Happy stitching.



Tina Dillon said...

Hi Jen,
I have recently started to crochet granny squares for hopefully a lap throw or blanket, and would love to see pics of yours. It might give me inspiration to continue!!
TinaD x

Simone de Klerk said...

Congratulations with the lovely finish. Those colors are so pretty. They belong to my favorites.
And such wonderful items for the retreat. I wish I were Jeannie in the bottle and blink with my eyes to make me go where I want to (o:
Have a lovely weekend.

Debbie said...

Your quilt looks beautiful!!! And your hearts looks cute....I am into crochet also. I am making a granny square blanket out of bright blue, white and green. Grey's!!

Greetings from Debbie

Debbie said...

Your quilt looks beautiful!!! And your hearts looks cute....I am into crochet also. I am making a granny square blanket out of bright blue, white and green. Grey's!!

Greetings from Debbie

Karen said...

The quilt on the wall looks oh so good hanging there. Good for you getting it done.
I have been tempted by the Kathy Schmitz design you have just stitched. It has a prim style look which I like a lot.

Elizabeth said...

Your quilt looks gorgeous and lovely hanging behind the bed. Good for you. I love the Kathy Shmitz stitchery. You have been soooooo busy. Done too much hand quilting today (haven't done any for ages) now have sore shoulders, so will put quilting needle down and pick up the applique one. Good on Jacob

Anonymous said...

Well done your quilt is beautiful and you must be veyt proud of yourself for getting it all quilted, I think we all bag ourselves about our own quilting it looks stunning....Di

quiltjude said...

Lovely blog, and one very cool tea cosy! Thanks for sharing

kathy said...

Jenny, I can see why you keep sneaking peeps at your quilt. It is gorgeous! The colours look as if they are just perfect in the "Snug". You are such an inspiration, I remember you once saying about stitching a little each day ... I need to work on that! Kathy V

Leeanne said...

Hey great to see all is going well. And you are still running your online wishes from Leeanne in Northland.

quiltjude said...

Love love love your beautiful island, didnt quite get to Bluff, but will keep it in mind for our next visit in 2012 :)