Thursday, August 4, 2011

A little more crochet

The blossom tree is flowering and winter is slipping away.

Been busy with the room makeovers these last couple of weeks, and am making progress.  So, it's nice to sit in the evenings with my crochet - it's easy, but relaxing.  I've made some wee flowers for the top of the round cushion...

... and I've been playing around with a hexagon shape - these are really fun to make and for me the bright colours are quite a change - am thinking this could be the next two year project, though, as it's probably going to end up blanket size.

Today I need to go make some curtains for the wardrobe doors - and a couple of cushions.  It's not so nice outside, so the perfect day for a few hours in the sewing room.
Or .... I could make a few more hexies:))
See you later


Simone de Klerk said...

I love blossoms that tell us spring is coming. Such fun and happy crochet projects!

Jo said...

Your crochet is lovely, such pretty colours.

theodora said...

Love the crochet Jenny!!! Just- gorgeous