Monday, August 20, 2012

I luv Spring :)

I know that it's not officially
for another couple of weeks,
but in my little corner of the world
it definitely feels like Spring,
and the garden certainly tells me it is .
I soooo love Spring,
but must admit that the handwork
takes a back seat for a few weeks,
while other stuff takes priority.
I've been busy packing up the Studio,
and getting the guest rooms
back into perfect order
for the coming season.
The garden,
of course,
is keeping me on my toes
(but no complaints there,
I love it to bits!)
You can read about that, if you want,
over on the cottage blog,
and then there is the,
Add to that mix
something off my ''bucket list''
that I'm working on,
and a certain child
whose race season has once again started,
which means I get the sheer pleasure
of countless hours of driving
up and down "the hill"
(and no, there is not an ounce
of sarcasm in that last sentence:).
Not to forget the late night driving lessons
with the child
in his newly acquired vehicle,
(which, I must say,
have usually been quite uneventful 'cos he's
a darned good wee driver,
perhaps with the exception of the time
that he stalled the van
directly outside the Dunedin Fire Station
in a mild state of panic
as the doors opened
and the fire truck was coming out!!!
Probably didn't help matters that I was laughing
so hard
that even the blokes in the fire truck
were grinning.
So mature, I can hear you say!
Well, it was funny :)
And we did get out of their way,
pretty quickly!)
it feels a little like
I'm running around
like a
headless chook
at times:)!!!
All I can say is,
thank goodness for chocolate:)
please excuse my lack of stitching
to show:)
This is about all I've managed to do
these last few weeks,
but I'm pretty happy that I have done it,
cos it's been on the ''doing'' list
for about 10 years,
and its finally finished.
He is gorgeous, don't you think.
And in plenty of time for Christmas :)

I've just remembered,
I have done something else to show you...

... yep, I think I started these last year!
I wanted to match a pair of cushions
to match the quilt I've got hanging
in one of the guest rooms.
Well,better late than never.
I think I will go take some time to smell the roses,
or in this case,
the blossom:)

See you,


Elizabeth said...

That cross is gorgeous Jenny, so, are the cushions. I have a clump of miniature daffodils out and in the last couple of days my fressias are starting to open. They are the lovely cream old fashioned ones. A very much loved Uncle gave me some bulbs from his garden quite a number of years ago and so I really treassure them

Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

Yes, Spring is in the air. Here in Warrandyte wattle is blooming everywhere. Thanks Jenny for the gorgeous cushion that arrived on Friday. It is beautifully made and looks perfect on y sewing chair. Cheers.

Leeanne said...

You have been busy! Glad you have had laughs & chocolate on hand to help you through!

carole brungar said...

I have a cross stitch I started more than 16 years ago and got it out a couple of weeks ago to try and finish it, there's actually not much left to do on it. Well I couldn't even see the linen!! I think I need to get one of those magnifying glasses that hang round my neck! sigh... Must pop over and look at your garden! xx