Monday, September 10, 2012

Stitch, paint and run!

 The "springie blue" giveaway
that I did last week,
inspired me to make a new cushion out of
one of the fabrics...
(and it's in my Etsy shop).

And I made another one of my
line and lace
Love doing these
cos you just make it up as you go:)
Bit of this,
bit of that...
In between gardening,
and stitching,
I've also been revamping some furniture,
from plain brown... shabby white...
I think it looks lots better:)
You know that thing on the bucket list
that I was working on,
I've done it:)
Yesterday I ran the Dunedin Half Marathon:)
Had a moment (or two)
where I wondered if I could do it,
or more accurately,
why I was doing it!!
But I did do it:)
there you go....
I'm still grinning about it today,
and I'm pretty sure that I will be doing it again...
next year.
I'm not a natural runner,
in fact,
I'm not the sporty type at all.
But it's been on my list for quite a while now,
for no other reason than that
I just wanted to prove something to myself.
So now I can put a ''tick'' beside that one,
relax for a few days,
 catch up on some stitching
and other crafty stuff
I think that I have earned
extra chocolate:)
See you later


theodora said...

Great the run is now behind you ...
& Love the cushions...
Barb xx

Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

Oooh love that mannequin cushion, tempting to pair it up with the its mate that I purchased earlier. Congrats on the marathon. Cheers

hylda said...

Beautiful cushions Jenny. I think you deserve more than just an extra chocolate, well done with the half marathon.

Nina said...

Thank you for your visit on my blog :)
Now I know your blog, I will come back more times soon :)
Greetings from Hungary,

Jo H said...

Well done for doing the half! That's great. Love the cushions - particularly the blue one.

carole brungar said...

21ks! wow congratulations, you are my hero!!
Gorgeous stitching too by the way! x