Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Little parcels of treasures

It feels like winter today -
is it that time of the year already??
I am certain that autumn only started a few days ago,
so how come we have leapt straight into winter!!!!
 I've been stuck inside for the day,
so I decided to spend it playing around
with some of my favourite fabrics,
laces and trims,
and make some really
little parcels of treasures
to pop on the
bit's and pieces for sale...
... gorgeous roses,
 some little hearts I made a while back,
and also
some sweet shabby roses...

... a little bundle of vintage inspired treats,
with laces and buttons ...

... a bit of this and a bit of that ...
... I know it's not stitching
but it's been really really nice
just pottering around for the day,
finding the perfect little bits and pieces
 that go together.
Now ,
I am going to go and make a coffee,
and bake a cake -
because there is no chocolate in the house
so the next best thing is,
of course,
chocolate cake :)
Gotta go :)
See you


hylda said...

Hope you ate all the cake Jenny. Love the way you put all these lovely packages together

Leeanne said...

Everytime I make chocolate cake I think of you!!
Cute bundles of goodness!

Christine Barnsley said...

Hope you enjoyed your coffee and cake!