Thursday, May 15, 2014

"Make" stuff

Okay ...
 so I've been asked,
every so often,
where do I get the bits and bobs
that I make things with.
Well ...
it's just ''stuff'' I have
in my sewing room :)
Stuff I've collected over the years,
stuff that I think
''this will come in handy one day".
Some of it's stuff
that I make up with a bit of stamping
or extra stitching.
Some of it is stuff
from when my Mum had a clear out,
and some is stuff
I've found in op shops.
Then there's stuff left over from
"The Stitchery" days,
and not forgetting the stuff
that you just have to buy,
not knowing what you will do with it,
but knowing that you can't do without it :)
was thinking ...
I'll put together a little collection of
for ''making''.

I've popped some of these on the sale page,
along with lots more pictures of what's inside
the ''make'' bag.

Now the only thing
about spending the day
playing around with lace
and stamps
and fabric
is that it really is a total
sensory overload.
So many ideas,
so not enough time :)
A nice way to spend my day off,
And now I will finish it with a
dentist appointment!!!
See you


Leeanne said...

Yikes the dentist! Gotta do it, but playing with your 'stuff' is MUCH more exciting!

Elizabeth said...

Hope the visit to the Dentist wasnt too painful

Christine Barnsley said...

What a fabulous idea your bags are and the bags themselves are so cute to look at. Hope the visit to the dentist went well! :)