Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Splash of Colour

What a gorgeous splash of colour to brighten up a winter's day. Two Young Street is the fabulous fabric by Prints Charming.

The first of the Christmas fabrics are also arriving. This is a peak at Nancy Halvorsen's one - beautiful traditional colours and this would be such fun to embellish and quilt.

This is a totally different version - bright and slightly zany.

And still on the subject of Christmas (I know its a little early, but these are too cute not to show you!) - I love these gorgeous new decorations of Barbs - check them out on her website -

We have a ''strippers club'' tomorrow night - this is a snippet of part of the jelly roll quilt pattern that the girls will be stitching - I can't show you any more yet because the pattern is a secret! I will post some pics of their quilts after the class - they will all have different fabrics so it will be fun to see the same pattern but in different colours.

Back later to show you pictures of the quilts.

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