Thursday, March 19, 2009

Organising Photo Chaos!

I have just spent large chunks of this morning organising my photos, putting them into proper files and deleting masses and masses of ''just not needed anymore'' ones! It feels great! It's one of those jobs I have been putting off for ages as there is usually something else I can find to do which is far more interesting. But now that it has been done, lets just see how long I can stick to the plan - putting them in the right place and deleting rejects. So, while I was at it, I sorted out some for today. Here's one of Debbie's latest block of A Kittens Tale - how cute is this!?

And here's the Little Patchwork Village quilt, hanging in the nook, all finished and definitely one of my favourites.

I have had this Brenda Ryan pattern sitting at home for many months now, in my ''to do'' pile and the other weekend I pulled it out, ironed on the transfer, and started stitching. It is the sweetest little heart cushion

I must admit I am a huge fan of Brenda's designs - this is one of the very first stitchery's of Brenda's that I did, a few years back now - beautiful Briar Rose.

And these are from her Measured Stitch quilt - loved every minute of stitching this one.

This week at Cushion Club the girls have been doing some piecing, to make this simple little pillow. We made a matching cushion inner which just pokes out a little at the end.

I hope it's been a good stitching week for you - there's a little extra time to stitch these nights, isn't there, with it getting a darker a little earlier.
Happy Stitching!


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Simone de Klerk said...

Jenny, so many wonderful things to show us. It really makes me happy to see all those pretty things and it makes me wish you had your wonderful shop with workshops close to me!
What a good idea to oraganize your pictures. I won't be thinking of it yet for the moment, having to organize so many other things.
Have a lovely weekend!