Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thinking of Easter

I've been getting things ready for the Easter bunnies and eggs basket class tomorrow night, kits galore, and more for another class on Sunday. They will be stitched in time to fill with chocolate - what's Easter without the odd chocolate egg (or two!).

I've also finished a bowl full of Marg Low's gorgeous fabric eggs - this is such a neat pattern, and the eggs were great fun to decorate. I think they look so good in dots.

Last year I made this little quilt top, a beautiful design from Rabbits Haven. Well, finally, last week I got round to quilting and binding it - it's no good to rush these things you know. Feeling quite pleased with my efforts and it is so nice to see it finished, just in time for Easter.

I forgot to take pictures of Debbies latest quilt blocks when she brought then in to stitching group about three weeks back, so I asked her for a repeat show and tell. Here they are - definitely pretty in pink...

and don't you love this friendship block....

Barb Smith, (Theodora Cleave Designs) has done a series of simply delightful little cat stitcheries and I am working my way through them, to make up into a mini quilt - this one was my favourite when they first came out so decided to stitch it first. They are real little cuties, about 4'', and so easy to stitch up in an evening. This one is ''Out on a Limb'' and I'm currently stitching ''Hollyhock Cat''.

Recently, as in last weekend, I gave in to the temptation of knitting (yes, I'm also addicted to knitting from way back) so I'm not sure how much stitching will get done over the next few weeks - I have a terrible habit of not wanting to put the needles down once I start a knitting project and sometimes other things get a little neglected. But with daylight saving about to end this coming weekend, the nights will be longer so maybe there is time for both! Happy stitching!

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clare's craftroom said...

So many lovely things , you have been very busy .Happy Easter