Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sweet Roses

I picked these yesterday to adorn the breakfast table - the sweetest prettiest pink roses I've seen.

I wish I could post the sounds of the birds that I sat and listened to this morning - not sure why but the last two mornings they have been magic - maybe because both mornings have been really warm and too hot for the birds to fly, so instead they sat in the trees and sang for me! The smell of the roses in this warm weather is gorgeous and I am amazed at how many blooms open out after just one day of hot weather.

My guests and garden are keeping me on my toes - but still a little time to stitch. Last weekend I put together some more of my Gingham Girls blocks - I now have blocks one through to eight done, except for six which I'm not sure how but I missed, so I'm doing that one now. So, here's seven.....
.... and here's eight....

I'm hoping to start the first stitchery tonight for a new block of the month quilt designed by Marie Claude of Les Secrets de Marie. Barb Smith has done the stitcheries for the quilt and they are so beautiful. I'll show you next week (hopefully!!). And the second block of Vero's mystery quilt needs attention too! So this afternoon, while the child is playing cricket ( I know, a good mother should be there watching, but honestly, I did try (once) a few years back and I was really really bored!!) I will happily rummage for fabrics for Vero's block and trace out stitchery number one for Marie's quilt.

Happy stitching


clare's craftroom said...

Hi Jenny your block looks wonderful . I hope you get some stuff done while the young one is playing cricket ( I looove cricket)
but I am strange , lol !!

Marls said...

Oh I just love those blocks.They do remind me of the Loralie machine embroidery designs which I just love.
I have to say that I also looove cricket and can happily sit in front of tv all day watching it.

Simone de Klerk said...

I was so happy to see your new post. Somehow missed your last one. Jenny, you live in the perfect place. And how nice that those birds are singing for you. So lovely expressed!
Those girl blocks you finished so far somehow show how you feel - they look so happy and bright.
I can certainly imagine that cricker is not the most exciting game to watch.
Have a lovely weekend and great to catch up with you!!! Liefs, Simone