Friday, March 26, 2010

Cross you fingers please!

We're off to Christchurch later today - via Geraldine and an overnight stay with Mum and Dad. Will be catching up with family, some of the relly's, a couple of friends whom I haven't seen in far too long, and doing some more of this...

This was taken last weekend - Jake decided he would compete in the Oceania Championships here in Dunedin and he did awesome!! Very proud of him I am -he competed and bettered his own times, and most importantly, didn't come off and break anything!! To be honest, I have no idea how he finds the courage to come down the hill - I have walked up it many times and it is so steep in places that you almost want to grab onto something to pull yourself up. My heart is very much in my mouth when I see him coming - this is one very nutty sport! So this weekend, it's the NZ Open up in the Port Hills somewhere - no doubt we will find it when we arrive. It's supposed to be a wet weekend which isn't good - ''things'' tend to happen when the track is wet and it's much better for boy and machine if ''things'' don't happen. I'm crossing fingers and toes that they've got the weather forecast wrong.

I've been noticing a change in the air temperature lately, and the colour of the trees - have been doing a little tidying in the garden, but it's at that funny stage where it's winding down into it's winter spell. I am desperate for lots of gorgeous spring bulbs next year so went and bought a whole heap and have so far planted half. The other half will have to wait until next week.
Vero's block 6 had me hooked for a couple of days last week - isn't it lovely. Thanks Vero for another gorgeous block.

I thought I'd lay them all out and get a shot of the lot - just to see! (minus block 3 which is still languishing in the basket - screaming "pick me" each time I go near it) I am thinking this is going to be quite a large quilt as this is only half of the blocks, and none of the joining blocks which I have decided to leave until the end. Looking good though, I reckon.

Am right up to date with the Girls too - well nearly - these are the last three bits I've done, and there's just one more skinny rose strip to stitch and then piecing the last block together.

So, even though it's not quite finished, and even though I'm also stitching Brenda's quilt, I thought I could justify it to myself to start Down in the Garden. I'm using the Old Primrose Inn fabrics cos they are so soft and pretty.
I'm having a ball, with all the stitching projects I've got on the go at the moment - each night it's a matter of ''which one will it be tonight''. Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for Jake this weekend - extra toes and fingers will be greatly appreciated.
Happy stitching


clare's craftroom said...

Oh Jen I'm keeping fingers toes and everything else crossed that it won't rain until after the rides . He'll have lots of fun riding and scaring Mum . Have a great weekend !

Shiree said...

Jenny he will be fine, my son Cameron did the same sport at Jake's age and he is fine even given the few tumbles that he did have. It is so hard to totally relax tho' huh. Good luck with your bulb planting, I am about to start mine this weekend. have fun!!

Marls said...

Hope Jake has a successful weekend. He'll have fun no matter what happens and that's the main thing. Try and enjoy watching him, hard though it must be.
Love your projects.
Have a great weekend.

Simone de Klerk said...

Every finger and toe is crossed here, Jenny! I can imagine that you are quite worried, when I see that picture. I never knew he was into this kind of danger.
You have been working on some lovely lovely projects. My oh my, how do you get so much done with your B&B also? Love that lady in the bathtub!

Karen said...

I love your applique blocks. What pattern are they from?