Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Thanks for all the crossed toes and fingers - it worked! There was no rain, no broken bodies (atleast not Jakes') and no broken bikes. A few bruises, yes, and some minor adjustments needed to the bike, but nothing major. And he did amazing!! We found the place very easily and I spent Saturday afternoon driving up and down the Port Hills, dodging a zillion other cyclists. I am amazed at the number of cyclists in Christchurch, and they all seem to be intent on biking UPHILL!!! It was pretty darned cold on and off most of the weekend, but there were patches of blue sky, and I'm sure that Jake did not notice for one moment that it was freezing!! On Sunday I was relieved of driving duty as the race organisers sorted that all out with their own shuttles, so Mum and I walked way up into the hills to watch. It was a decent hike uphill to the end of the track but atleast it warmed us up. This was taken from our watching possie, looking down the valley.

It makes me smile a little to think that he spend hours and hours and hours practising and in the end it takes less than two and a half minutes to race!!

We watched, we kept our fingers crossed, held our breath just a little as he came over some of the more ''interesting'' drops, and then smiled with relief as he crossed the finish line. 'Course he's as cool as a cucumber about it all - it's just me that gets a little nervous.

In between seeding and the race run, we had half an hour to fill in, so we wandered down to the end of the road where I'd noticed a little garden centre. It was gorgeous, but what was even more amazing was the gift shop that was attached to it. If you are ever in Christchurch, go here ..

... it's on Centaurus Road. Inside it is like an Aladdin's cave - I succumbed to temptation... ... have absolutely no idea what I might store in these fabulous little boxes, but that's irrelevant really! They look great just sitting on the cabinet at the moment. There was a coffee shop inside too and the food looked so delicious - this wonderful shop is definitely worth a visit. On the way up the hill, on Dyers Pass Road is another gorgeous shop that I sped into between runs (I was allowed 10 minutes - Huh!!) The Plane Tree - just divine - the most exquisite fabrics and antiques - go there too!

Had such a neat weekend - no stitchy stuff to show this post, but maybe in a few days.
Happy stitching!


Deb said...

Jenny,the cyclists round the hill are like that ALL the time. Lots of them up here. And Kaizuka the wee shop in Centarus Rd is a hunney isn't and yes, I hate to tell you but they make brilliant coffee's and yummy food. We just live around the corner from there and thats our Sunday coffee stop. Also The Plane Tree have just shifted into that shop, their other one was much bigger and really lovely.
Pleased you had a lovely time
hugs Deb

By Hoki Quilts said...

Hi Jenny, glad it all went well and the weather hung on for you all. The shop sounds amazing, how dare Miss Deb keep that little secret under her hat, there's another reason for me to go visit her (as if I need one) and try out the local coffee - yummmm.

Jo said...

Glad the race went well and I love those boxes,it sounds like a great place to visit