Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Picnic on the Peninsula

We've been on a picnic today - I love picnics!! We took ourselves out to the end of the Peninsula and saw the albatross - they are truly a magnificent sight gliding through the air. But my golly was it cold out there - I reckon the wind was coming straight off the Antartic!
It was a little hard to find a sheltered spot for the picnic but we did eventually, and afterwards headed for Sandfly Bay. Lots of my guests have been there so I figured it was high time Jake and I checked it out.
The beach turned out to be quite some distance down a track and over lots and lots of huge sand dunes - it was absolutely compulsory to run down the dunes and be a big kid again - made sure that I had nothing in my pockets that was going to fall out (like car keys!!) and I ran! You can take the most amazing big bounding steps and its so much fun!! But I do remember stopping at some point and thinking to myself - "been running down dunes for quite a while now and what goes down must go up!"....
Down on the beach we wandered along a little, too early to see any penguins sadly, and today there were no sea lions hanging around either. But the ocean was superb - the most amazing colour.

And then it was time to head back up the dunes - remember that fleeting thought I had on the way down - wished I'd taken it a little further!!! Flipping heck it was a long long way back to the top and my legs felt like jelly when we finally made it back to the carpark (this pic is just the very bottom portion!!)
Badly needed a coffee - had my trusty thermos so a hit of caffiene and several MacIntosh toffees restored the energy levels. We weren't finished! There was another track to the Chasm and Lovers Leap which we thought we oughta do since we were there - both of these are incredible cliff formations - I have a confession though - I did make it onto the viewing platform but couldn't take a photo cos had to leave the viewing platform quite quickly!!! Sometimes me and heights just don't work and today was one of those days. I asked Jake to describe them in detail!! Finally we climbed up to the little cairn at the top of the hill for more spectacular views.
It was an awesome day out in the sun (and wind) and yep, I am sure that I will have a few twinges tomorrow morning from sadly neglected muscles, but it was worth every sandy step. Sometimes I reckon you've just gotta get out into the ''air'' - blow the cobwebs away and let your mind wander.
I'm pretty pleased to say that I have now completely finished all the stitching on the Gingham Girls - it's all pieced together, minus the border. I can't quite decide on what fabric to use for the border yet, so will wait til it's on before I do a show and tell. But I can show and tell the first block of Down in the Garden - love the dresden block and it was such fun to stitch - paper pieced first ....

... and then slip stitched into place.

I've also finished a few more of Brenda's blocks for Jane Austen's quilt. There's these gorgeous little flowers behind the window pane...

..and one of her dainty little purses...

... and the words ...

I reckon take-aways are on the menu tonight - and I am going to finish a project that has been ''happening'' for four years!!! Every time I have brought this project out over the past four years Jake has rolled his eyes and laughed - he never thought I would get it finished. Tonight I will prove him wrong and victory will be mine!!!

Happy stitching, and, if you are in Dunedin, go check out Sandfly Bay!!



By Hoki Quilts said...

Hi Jenny, your day out sounds wonderful. Just a fleeting thought? You're a braver girl than me, I would have just checked out sea level and where I was, then had the coffee!
Hey missie, your stitching is just lovely.

Elizabeth said...

What a fun day, hope you won't be too sore tomorrow. I think your stitchery is just fabulous.
Luv Elizabeth

Jo said...

Hi Jenny,looks like you had a great day out picnicking, such lovely scenery and views. One day my husband and i will get to New Zealand. Love all your stitching too.

Cherie said...

ooh, next time you head to sandfly bay, take a large lid off a rubbish bin with you, and sit on that going down!Whoopee what fun! Beautiful stitching Jenny, can't wait to see what your four year old "UFO" looks like....I have a few of those.
Take care and we'll catch up soon, regards Cherie

kathy said...

Oh Jenny, I just love reading your blog, I always manage to find something in it that makes me smile! I could just picture you and the sand dunes!

Kathy xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny, I'm new to this site & LOVE every minute of it. From the nice relaxing pics to the stitchery. WHere do you get all of your patterns & can you buy them? This will be 1 of my favorite sites & I will pass this along to my friend that also lives in AU.