Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hearts and crosses.

I remember now one of the reasons I stopped doing cross stitch all the years ago - because it is horrendously addictive!!  But it's very very enjoyable, so I can forgive the addictiveness of it :)  This is where I'm at with my Stacy Nash Tribute to Summer sampler...

... so I'm just working around the floral border now, and then I get to choose another pattern to start :) 

Also made some wee Christmas hearts this week - some of them have Barbs gorgeous buttons on them, and the others, I played with words.  Hearts are just the most lovely shape to work with - anything with hearts is okay by me.

Tonight I get to go to the childs' senior prize giving ceremony - I was semi looking forward to it, until he told me that it will last for three hours!!!  THREE HOURS!!! Give me strength!!!  Do you think they would notice if I take my stitching??
See you,


Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous cross stitch, but, I
adore the hearts. Enjoy tonight. I dare you to take your stitching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deb said...

Sampler is progressing well Jenny. I know what you mean about being addictive, thats exactly what I have found since I have got back into it also. Love your wee hearts, they look fabulous.
Definitely take some stitching tonight, there normally isn't anything to see but as long as you can hear you'll be right.

Leeanne said...

Go with the stitching! These things can be so boring!

Leanne said...

Your ornaments are gorgeous, beautiful cross stitch to,

By Hoki Quilts said...

Go on, take the stitching who knows, you might be sitting next to a future customer *wink*. Love the hearts and your xstitch is just real sweet.
have a great night,