Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday's Quilt

I finished a quilt last week,
one that I started a long time ago.
Came across it while I was tidying,
and the top was all finished.
I've got the perfect floor space for putting a quilt together,
but it does mean several hours of crawling round
on hands and knees,
pinning it all together,
and every time I do this,
I forget
 that the next morning my behind
and the backs of my legs
are going to hurt like hell!!
There is a complete set of muscles
that I apparently never use for anything else,
but oh boy,
do they make their presence felt
every time I put a quilt together!!
Here it is ..'s pretty simple,
just some of my favourite fabrics,
with plain calico,
but I like the look.
It's Sunday's quilt.

We took a wee trip up to Nelson,
a couple of weeks back,
for the child,
(and me :)
He was racing the Nationals.
I love Nelson -
maybe that's where my next adventure will be one day :)

How cute is this? Very :)

Flower boxes down side alleys...

And "cute as" cottages...everywhere...

...cuter than cute ...

... and cuter still, if that's possible :)

Plants for sale...

It's a pretty town,
and just maybe .... one day?
See you


Simone de Klerk said...

Lovely simple quilt. Right now I am doing that crawling and kneeling and ... that is, when I am not taking a pause.
What a lovely place Nelson is.
Next adventure ...

Deb said...

Your quilt is beautiful Jenny.It will look lovely in your guest bedroom. How did your son get on in the Nationals. Gosh I never realised Nelson was so pretty. It might have to be a long weekend away some time

Leeanne said...

Nelson looks wonderful, Ir really have to get away from my sewing machine one of these days and see the country!!
Your quilt looks fabulous and perfect for Sundays.
Have you an old table or a chest freezer you could tack your quilts up on? I teach my students to look out for trestle tables, put blocks under the feet to bring the height up.

Elizabeth said...

The quilt is gorgeous. Loved the photos you took while in Nelson

Philine said...

hello from cold germany!
This quilt is so nice! I think it´s worth each aching muscle, isnt it?

Best regards Heike

Jo said...

That quilt is beautiful - sometimes the simplest designs are the best aren't they, as the fabric really is then the show piece. Love the cottages in Nelson, it is a beautiful place.

Karen said...

Looks like quaint little cottages that would be filled with pastel quilts.

Ulla's Quilt World said...

Your quilts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world!
Yours, Ulla (from Finland)

Jan R said...

Love your Sunday Quilt:) I've lived in Nelson for 9yrs & I've never seen these cottages!! Please tell me where you found them :) Nelson is very pretty in summer with all the hanging baskets & the trees down the main street..hope you come back for another visit:)

quiltjude said...

Love the quilt and that town! Here I go again wanting to come back to NZ. :)