Monday, March 19, 2012

Bunny Love

Just in case you didn't know,
I love bunnies :)
They are soooo cute -
and it's nearly bunnie time of the year too.
(funnily enough,
it's nearly chocolate time too,
chocolate marshmallow
 easter eggs
- bunnies and chocolate -
does it get any better :)

So I've had bunnies on the brain
these last couple of days.
Thought I would have a wee play ...
with bunnies...
of course.
And who does the best bunnies?
Barb does :)
Made a teensy wee bunnie bag yesterday...

... and today I made a bunnie in a frame...

I'm pretty sure
that I'll be making another bunnie thingie
tomorrow -
they are such fun,
and I think I need to make one in blue :)

I've just come home from the best road trip :)
We drove to Rotorua,
and back,
with three days 
in the Whakarewarewa forest in between.
Such a beautiful part of the country...

In all honesty,
it was a bit of a mission getting there -
leaving home on Wednesday afternoon,
arriving in Picton in the wee small hours of the morning,
and catching three hours of sleep
on the wharf
before driving onto the ferry.
What is wrong with the youth of today ...
no staying power :)
And what do you mean,
chocolate chip cookies can be eaten any time of the
day or night!

Off the other side of the ditch,
and onwards and upwards
to Rotorua.
Pulled into our ''camp''
later that afternoon,
and that's about when my staying power left me.
My goodness me,
it's a hell of a long way
and the thought crossed my mind,
just briefly,
that in a few days time
I had to turn round
and do it all again
in reverse!!!

Mostly our time was spent doing this ...

... the Oceania Champs.
He did good :)
I managed to find three hours
on Friday afternoon
to sightsee!
Did a ''express'' tour of the town.
The museum - stunning ..

...and found this gorgeous little cottage
just nearby...

And then, all too soon,
we had to come home again.
Another ferry crossing,
this one late at night,
followed by a midnight drive down the South Island.
Staying power left me in Kaikoura:)
Found a place to park,
closed my eyes,
and again tried to sleep in a semi vertical position.
Almost impossible!!
(not helped, though, by the fact
that I had parked about 20 metres away
for the railway line!!!)
Arrived back in Dunners, later that day,
all 2600 kms later!!
Such a neat adventure,
can't wait to do it all again,
'cos there's nothing quite like
a road trip :)
I need to go back to the north of the country,
there is so much to see,
and it's truly beautiful.

See you later


Simone de Klerk said...

What an amazing post, Jenny!
Love your bunny season and the way you end the post.
DS is very lucky, to have such an adventurous mother (o: Hope your next road trip comes soon.

Ulla's Quilt World said...

The quilt is so lovely! :)
Hugs, Ulla (from Finland)

Elizabeth said...

Love your bunny projects, especially the one in a frame. Amazing what you can do with a gorgeous button - very effective. Which we could've caught up with you when you were up in Rotorua. I was brought up not too far from Rotorua (about 1 hour) visited Rotorua many times and I have to say I have never seen that gorgeous cottage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leeanne said...

Jenny thanks for the lovely patterns! Guess what one is.....bunnies!Cute bunny projects, love the little bag.
Wow, crazy few days, that wee cottage is where a dear family friend lives, it is the old gardeners cottage, built before the other large buildings at the Government Gardens.That's where we stay when we take our boy to do what your boy Does!....scare the heck out of us!!

carole brungar said...

Hi Jenny! What a long trip! Congrats to your boy on doing so well. My nephew was racing at the champs too and won his class! Very exciting!
Love your stitching!

Deb said...

Thats a huge trip Jenny, goodness you must be exhausted. The things we do for our offspring huh?
Your bunnies are really cute, what great ideas.

quiltjude said...

Oh you so want to make me get on a plane and come back to your beautiful country, we have visited the south island three times and are definitely coming back again, it is just too pretty and so much to see :( thank you for sharing