Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Walk in the Garden

You wanna come for a walk with me through my garden
while I tell you all about the past few weeks:)
I took these pics last weekend.
Didn't want to miss out on capturing the wisteria on film.
As I walked up the steps after coming home from Christchurch
I knew it was in full bloom -
the perfume lingering on the air was amazing.
I've been to Christchurch for two weeks training.
Not sure exactly how to describe those weeks,
but probably it would be a mixture of...
and exhausting (but in the best possible way!)

Last week I was back in Dunedin,
starting to set up the store.
It's so much fun :)
Next week the fun really begins
with boxes and boxes and boxes of stock to be unpacked,
and shelved.
Have got lots and lots of helpers:)
The sheer quantity of stock is mind boggling.

I've been lazing about today,
and just might do the same tomorrow,
as I'm fairly certain
that there may not be much lazy time for over the next month:)
Popped out into the garden for a short time before the rains came,
and sorted the strawberry patch.
It was deliciously warm
and I was layering straw around the plants. 
The smell of the straw was divine.
Hard to describe how it smelt,
but it just reminded me of when we lived on the farm,
many many years ago.
I have no stitching or crafting to show.
Sad I know,
but I do intend to change that!
I poked my head into my sewing room today,
just to remind myself it was there:)
I started tidying up bits and pieces...
...and tonight I have a little stitchy project to work on:)
Inspired by the soft late spring colours.
Might be worth your while checking out my
Makers Studio blog :)
I think I found some bits and pieces today,
that looked pretty nice together...
...nice enough for a little giveaway:)
 See you
Jenny :)


Simone de Klerk said...

Lovely post, with your thoughts going through your garden.
Enjoy your lazy days while you still can.
And have fun next week.

Leeanne said...

I loved my walk with you, very pretty. Glad your training etc went well...have fun~!

Elizabeth said...

Thankyou for the lovely walk through your very pretty garden. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and all the best for the busy busy weeks ahead.

hylda said...

What a lovely relaxing walk through the garden, it looks lovely and peaceful

Deb said...

How exciting getting all ready for the store Jenny. What a shame we didn't realise you were here in ChCh, you could have come fo coffee. Life is going to get busier for you again hun.

Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

Thank you for providing this lovely escape by walking us through your beautiful garden. All the best for for your new challenge.

Jo H said...

Lovely to share a wander around your garden with you.