Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I'e done the teensiest bit of stitching
over the last two weeks.
How to make a teensy bit of stitching
look just a little bit more than what it really is?
Take a picture of both ends:)

I have a project in mind for these
sweet little stitchies,
although I do have a feeling that it may take me
a smidgen longer than normal
to complete.
Thought you might like a wee sneak peek
of some of the absolutely gorgeous Christmas goodies
we've been unpacking at the shop
this week.
...little felt trees...
...wee folk with cute knitted red coats... of my favourites - cable knitted skinny trees
with buttons :)

It's been such a tough few days,
setting up the Christmas displays:)
Wait til you see them!!
Tonight I went for another wee wander
round the garden.
Can't believe the growth over the past two weeks,
it's almost scary!!
My tomatoes are growing inches each day,
and some of the flowers have shot up atleast a foot or more
since the last photos.
My first roses...
...fabulous deep purple and blue irises...
...favourite delphiniums...
They self seed so easy and now,
after three years,
they are scattered right throughout the garden.
Love them:)
 also just self sown from last year,
they're taller than me!!!
They are everywhere - all shades of pink
and some white as well. garden...
...and a bit more of my garden:)
 It's a pretty little garden at this time of the year,
a nice place to wander for a while,
think thoughts,
and dream a little:)
Have a lovely week.
See you


Elizabeth said...

I do feel sorry for you in amongst all the christmas goodies - NOT!!!!! Fabulous photos of your garden

Leeanne said...

Your garden is looking great!! I bet you are missing pottering in it?
Oh yummy Xmas the wee knitted angels.....Mmmmm will you actually take home a wage???
I hope you are well.

carole brungar said...

Your garden looks gorgeous! A very tranquil place.

Jo H said...

Jenny, your garden is looking beautiful - makes me want to go out and be industrious in mine! Love the photos from the shop - particularly the knitted angels - those are gorgeous.

hylda said...

Your garden is amazing and the foxgloves look amazing, as you said a very nice time to ponder is to walk through a garden and reflect on life.
The Xmas goodies look so cute.

Hannah said...

Hi there,
That stitchery is so pretty, I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with it!
I love your garden, spring is such a beautiful time!

Alex said...

Love the stitcheries. What designer and pattern are they from? the hand-dyed thread is beautiful as well. Alexandra