Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas :)

I was sitting on my back porch late this afternoon,
sipping a glass of wine in the sun,
enjoying the warmth and 
thinking about Christmas Day.
Thinking about all sorts of things,
Mostly about the last few months,
and how so many things have changed.
I know that I have not been here much lately,
and I regret that.
But I know that that will get better
as I settle into my new job.
Some sense of normality will return,
after what seems to have been
the most frantic few months of setting up,
and now managing the new store.

I have a confession to make -
my stitching of late has been non-existant.
And my garden is growing wild,
although luckily it still looks so pretty
that's it's easy to forget there are weeds among the flowers.
But you know what,
I worked out a few weeks back,
that it doesn't matter!!!
I will stitch again,
very soon,
and the garden will get weeded,
also very soon.
These last few months have been the most exhilarating
and challenging,
and in all honesty,
the most exhausting as well.
But wow,
what a ride it's been.
Am loving this new adventure :)
with only a couple of sleeps to go
before the big man
in red suit,
long white beard,
round tummy,
and cheeky smile
comes knocking at the door
(well really -
 there is no way in the world that he will fit down my chimney,
and I'm betting it's the same at your house!)
I would like to wish you a very very merry Christmas,
lots of love and laughter with your families,
peace and happiness,
lots and lots of chocolate
and trifle
and cake
for Christmas Day:)
Jenny :)


By Hoki Quilts said...

Ohhh, back at you Jenny - have a wonderful Chirstmas and I hope you do get time just to be you as I'm sure the last few months have been a total whirlwind.
May 2013 be one full of excitement yet calm
hugs - Miche'le

Simone de Klerk said...

I'm sure your garden still looks beautiful with all the love you have put into it all these years.
How lovely to be able to sit outside and enjoying a glass of wine. Too cold and wet here.
Lots of love to you and Jake.

Leeanne said...

Hoho ho Merry Christmas Jenny, I reckon I might fit down your chimney, if you put a piece of your chocolate cake down there!!!

Love Santa!!

Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

Merry Christmas Jenny, relax and enjoy! Hubby and are coming to NZ on Christmas Day to see your beautiful country.

carole brungar said...

Merry Christmas Jenny! Ha, I giggled at your post, as my stitching has come to a screeching halt during the preparation of our place for sale, it was a full time job keeping it all in check, however now it's sold and the hunt for the next place begins. Hope 2013 brings you all good things! x

Jo H said...

Belated merry christmas to you - hope you have found some time to stitch amongst the merriment.

theodora said...

Hi Jenny
I still cannot email you...keep bouncing back....
So I will see if this door is might have to email me again!!!LOL