Sunday, March 3, 2013

Vintage Eggs?

I've been making :)
Vintage inspired easter eggs.
Have had such fun and,
I know there's not a stitch in sight,
but there is lots of lace,
and ribbon,
and buttons
and other bits and bobs
that were lurking in the sewing room.
I started with some polystyrene eggs from work,
covered some of them with pattern tissue
and some with just plain tissue ...
...I collected up some ''stuff''
to play with ...
... and with glue in hand,
( but not the glue gun, mind you -
me and glue guns absolutely do not get on -
I end up covered from head to toe in glue,
I usually have several finger burns
and nothing stays where it is supposed to stay -
some time ago I figured out
that PVA is a much much better option for me!!!)
So with a paint brush and a dollop of PVA at the ready,
I started to add a bit here and there to the eggs.
...some of Barb's gorgeous buttons...
...little heart trinkets...
... lots of my gorgeous vintage lace ...
... bits of ribbon and twine ...
... buttons and bows...

So there you have it,
my take on vintage inspired
decorated easter eggs.
I've sat them in a little wire basket 
in the hallway,
a little early perhaps
for Easter,
I really like them
so I want to enjoy them for a while.
I will, however,
be fully expecting a decent haul
of the real chocolately thing
come Easter.
I've been knitting.
We got the most gorgeous yarn in at work this week.
It's a wool alpaca mix called Perfect Day
and I had spied the perfect pattern on the shelves
a few weeks back,
so I simply could not resist.

I've even started a little cross stitch project,
I have some crochet on the go as well!!!
It's good to be back in the stitchy place:)
Have a fabulous week :)


Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

Love your vintage Easter eggs - just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Oh they are gorgious!!
My daughter and I will use those for inspiration I think. Alison.

Leeanne said...

Love, love the eggs!! What a great idea! Sometimes I use old pattern tissue to wrap presents, but I never thought of something like this. Glad to hear you are getting some time for you :-)

Anonymous said...

Your eggs are so beautiful! I am inspired by you..thanks so much! Renita