Thursday, April 25, 2013

A little stitched dress...

So this is what I am working on
at the moment.
It started with a little dress 
that I stitched onto linen,
about seven or maybe even eight years ago!
I remember which house I was living in
when I stitched it,
and it certainly wasn't this one,
or the one before:)
And then,
as so often seems to happen with me,
it sat for a while,
but it was never covered up,
or in a pile.
It was always in view,
'cos I loved it.
It just took a little while
to do something with it.
... I added some buttons,
and stitches...
... lace,
of course...

...added some borders...


...and I'm going to pop it into
a gorgeous old oak (I think it is) frame.
It's taken a while
but it's nearly finished
and now I can get the next half completed project
back on the go.
I need to go now -
need to figure out how to make it fit,
(and stay in)
the frame :)
See you


Leeanne said...

Gorgeous! Nice to see you finish some long lost goodies.

Deb said...

Looking gorgeous Jenny. Can't wait to see it all finished and framed.

Jo H said...

Gosh you are clever!

carole brungar said...

Hi Jen, your work is stunning as always! I look forward to seeing it finished in it's lovely frame :)

Jo and Hannah said...

What beautiful work, I'm looking forward to seeing it completed! Love the colours,
Hannah :o)