Saturday, April 13, 2013

So I wondered.....

...and I have been wondering
for a quite a while now,
what to do.
You see,
I have all these
from my shop days
what do I do with them all.
They could sit folded
as they do now
for another few years,
but I've been thinking
that maybe I should just try
and let them go.
Find them homes :)
Some will be hard to let go of
cos they have memories attached to them,
the time has come.
if you are at all interested
then pop on over to
the Makers Studio page,
see ... it's on the sidebar,
or the Makers Studio blog
and have a look.
Or email me here -
I don't mind :)
I'll just do bits and pieces
over the next few days,
I'm not all that fussed
about prices.
Make me an offer :)
I would just like to see them go somewhere
than sitting on my shelves.
See you
Jenny :)

1 comment:

Mitts said...


That heart you made and put on your chair is so beautiful, and come to think of it, those fabrics you have would look gorgeous made into coverings for cushions on those chairs! Then by using them you'd have many of those wonderful memories right there in front of you always (till they may wear out of course)LOL. I am one of those pensioners whose income budget doesn't lend itself to fabric purchases, however, I am certain someone will purchase them from you before the day is through... Love your blog and your works...Have a wonderful Spring day.