Sunday, January 26, 2014

For Jake :)

Okay - so this one is for Jake:)
I'm on a bit of a mission -
fund-raising for my boy :)
He's off to France in June,
to race enduro.
But wow -
the costs are staggering!!!
Insurance alone is
just a 1/4''
under two thousand.
I thought - maybe I could sell
some of my quilts.
So ...
 if you know anyone that might like
a hand-stitched treasure,
tell them to take a peek here :)
There's the lovely little
red and white quilt,
one of Rosalie Quinlan's designs...
... never been used,
apart from hanging on the wall
in my shop for a few months...
... measures 48'' x 48'' ...
... each block has a different
 red or pink fabric...

... has a hanging sleeve on the back ...

... quality quilters muslin backing ...
... hand stitched by yours truly :)
Then there is
''Vintage Garden''.
I think this may have been
Natalie's (Cinderberry Stitches) first
block of the month quilt.
... hand stitched blocks ...
... gorgeous vintage inspired floral fabrics ...
... measures 52'' x 52'' ...
... vintage floral backing fabric ...

... pretty and cute ...
And then there is
"Love Is".
If memory serves me well,
this was the second block of the month quilt
I stitched,
and offered,
from my Geraldine days.
Loved every stitch of it:)


... this picture is actually taken
in ''The Stitchery''.

... gorgeous selection of green and pink fabrics ...

... measures 56'' x 56'' ...

... has hanging sleeve and is backed with the same
fabric as the borders around the blocks ...

... I notice on this last block that I have added -
"stitched by Jenny - '05 "
was it really nearly ten years ago
that I stitched this quilt?
these three are the first.
I may add more next week.
Just leave a comment
 if you would like more details.
Thanks :)

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Leeanne said...

gee I would LOVE to buy all of them! I have sent the link to this post to a few good luck!