Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sample Quilt

Have been thinking of a way to collect
all my stitching samples
You know -
all the ones I did for the shops,
and the studio,
and just for me just for fun.
I thought,
a quilt would be the answer.
Randomly stitch and piece them together,
and see what happens.
So I've begun to collect them all up -
some are still in their raw unfinished state,
others had become cushions
and others...
wall hangings.
I've cut them out of the cushions
and the wall hangings,
and this is what is happening ...
... this is the first stitchery I ever did -
a gorgeous wee design by Lara Siddons -
stitched not long after opening my shop
in Geraldine.
Who knew way back then
that this was the beginning of
a passion for stitching :)
...another of Lara's designs ...
... this is one of Barb's - love her birdies :)
... feel a little bad about this one,
cos I can't for the life of me
remember whose design it is.
(sorry :( )

... this one goes way back to the early days too -
one of Brenda Ryan's absolutely gorgeous designs -
of which I still have a few more tucked away
to stitch over the next few years :)

... more of Brenda's designs :)

... and the cutest little bunnies,
from a Rabbits Haven pattern.
It's what I've been working on today,
a good start don't you think :)
There are loads more to do yet,
but I think it's going to work,
and I think it's going to look
pretty good.
I hope :)
Meant to show you what I was working on last week.
My stitchy mojo is back in full swing :)
This is the beginnings of a new bag
for my knitting needles :)
I'm soooo happy with how it's turning out ...
Have just stitched random favourite
bits and pieces
onto a big background piece of linen,
and then I'll sew it up into a longish bag shape.
Have done a bit of hand stitching on it since
this photo was taken,
but next post I will hopefully
have it finished to show.
(if I don't get too sidetracked
with other ideas first :) )
I stitched one of my most favourite sayings
onto the bag as well.
I may go and make some more blocks now.
Was going to go for a run,
but honestly,
the wind is absolutely howling here
trying to run in a Dunners force 10 headwind
aint no fun!!!
It can wait :)
See you
Jenny :)


Elizabeth said...

Your stitcheries are all gorgeous Jenny and I love your knitting needle bag. I think it is far more sensible to stay indoors and create!!!!!!!!!!!. The wind is awful up here in Auckland too, not a nice summer day at all, so, a nice curry is on the menu tonight to warm the cockles of our heart. I wonder where that saying came from.
Happy sewing

Karyn said...

I look forward to seeing a finished photo. It looks lovely so far!

Leeanne said...

Jenny another scrummy post! all you stitcheries, both young & old a so pretty.
Nice to see you taking time to stitch.

Christine Barnsley said...

Love your needlework!! Everything is so delicate and pretty! :)

Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

Your stitcheries quilt will be lovely, glad you've got your mojo back! I just LOVE your knitting needles bag, can't wait to see the final product.

Deb said...

What a great idea Jenny. I find I have so many stitcheries like you obviously that I have made up into things and have them out then change them and they don't get out again, but this would be very sensible and out all the time.