Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bunnies :)

I know,
I should have been in the garden today,
but I had bunnies on my mind :)
A couple of nights ago,
while out pounding the pavements,
I was thinking about these
little bunnies
that I first made
 a couple of years back.
I wondered about
doing them in linen and lace.
So ...
it was my day off today ...
chores were done in record time,
and then I was off to the sewing room.
To indulge in a little bit of whimsy.
Bliss :)
Some of you will know
that I have a bit of a soft spot
for bunnies.
linen and lace
and buttons and hearts :)
So I put them all together ...
... a bit of lace ...
... little pink heart ...

... maybe I should make a boy bunnie ...
I do like my little bunnies,
and I think I might end up
making a few more.
Have a lovely whimsical week.
See you,


Elizabeth said...

Your Bunnies are so gorgeous Jenny

Christine Barnsley said...

They are really so cute and so pretty! Love them!!

Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

Too cute! They'll be perfect for Easter.

Susan said...

I have a thing for bunnies too.....these ones are very sweet.

Leeanne said...

Perfect for Easter! Wouldn't they look great sitting next to your chocolate cake!

brodine said...

oh comme ils sont mignons !!!!