Sunday, February 16, 2014

French General

I made this quilt top
a couple of years ago and
it's still a quilt top.
I suspect that in another couple of years
it will still be just a top...
think I might sell it.
Have been busy at work
getting ready for all the lovely new yarn
that's arriving...
possibly this week:)
Quite excited about that.
I have a feeling that my
 knitting needles
 crochet hooks,
might be quite busy
this year.
See you :)


Elizabeth said...

Oh Jenny, I have a French General quilt that I think I have had longer than you have had yours, mine is not even half hand quilted. I was just thinking the other day that I need to finish it. Looks like we both need to make an effort, maybe that could be our challenge.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

skippie said...

Ohhhh, I might be interested in the quilt top if you do want to sell. Thanks in advance.