Tuesday, July 1, 2014

French Inspired

I found only two gorgeous
stitchy shops
when I was away.
A fabulous tiny cross stitch shop,
in Briancon,
the walls covered
in stitched samples.
I could not leave these books behind ...
... so many beautiful designs
in these pages.
The hard part will be deciding which to
stitch first :)
Loved these magazines ...
whilst I have absolutely
no idea what the articles say,
the pictures are definitely worth
a thousand words.
The other little shop sold furnishing fabrics,
and oh my goodness,
if I lived in Briancon
that is where I would be buying my
curtain fabric from.
they also had a stand
of divine laces and ribbons.
Well, it would have been wrong
not to take a sampling home with me :)
Nothing to do with stitching whatsoever,
I bought a little cow bell:) ...

... to remind me of the many walks I took,
because everywhere you went
you could hear the bells ringing.
At times,
depending on how many cows in the herd
were wearing bells,
it was like a musical :)
Quite extraordinary
and such a pretty sound.
A few of my treasures ...
Jenny :)



Bev C said...

Hello Jenny,

Just the sort of perfect holiday reminders, the magazines look so enticing. Enjoy.

Happy days.

Elizabeth said...

LOVE all your purchases. I think I would start on the cross stitch heart on the front cove. i just love hearts, so many quilters, cross stitchers do, I wonder why. The cow bell is super cute. We bought a cow bell from a very nice shop in Hansdorff Adelaide and I love it.

Leeanne said...

Pure eye candy! looks like a some fabulous magazines, no doubt you have already seen Simply Vintage magazine by Quilt Mania? that's is a magazine well worth buying. I must reply to your email :-(

Julie said...

Oh how beautiful ... lucky girl going to France. My youngest son went last year & they are completely in love with the place. Those new ribbons & trims of yours made my heart skip several beats :-)

Christine Barnsley said...

Hello Jenny! You made some beautiful purchases in France, I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with them! :)