Sunday, May 6, 2012

Building 101

I built a step this week!
Been wanting to do this for ages,
but to be super honest,
 I really wasn't sure that I could do it.
My preferred tools of trade are definitely a needle and thread,
not hammer and nails.
It's all to do with the studio
that's starting to happen.
 I wanted to have a really pretty entrance,
and this is what it looked like ...

Very very blah!!
I raided the child's shed
and got out these...

That piece of paper in the middle
was my pattern.
with tools assembled,
and a quick trip to the hardware store for some timber,
I figured,
how hard could this be??
I picked up my pattern,
and pondered what to do next over one of these ...

And then I started !! :))
Yeah - perhaps not quite as easy as I thought,
and certainly there were a few ''tense'' moments
when the child thought he knew better,
and we agreed to disagree until he realised
that I was right
and he was wrong :))
( I so love being right!)
Actually he was really very helpful,
though I have to say
that he did start out by saying it was definitely one of my least clever ideas,
and that it was going to be incredibly difficult.
Such optimism, my sweet!!
You should know your mother better by now :)

At this stage of the proceedings the child had to go to work,
and I was left to my own devices.
There was quite a bit of head scratching going on,
and occasionally a few choice(ish) words,
which just seemed to pop out without warning,
when the hammer got too close to the finger!!
But I got to this stage by the time the child returned...

Next day I quickly realised
that I would have to put some more cross bit thingies in between,
cos when I sat the top boards on,
and tested them,
they bounced!!
Not quite the effect I wanted.
So I sawed and hammered some more,
and finally ended up with this...

Now I know that this little step
is no design masterpiece,
and I'm not quite ready for the ranks of master builder,
but hey,
I am impressed,
just because it's there!!
the child told me,
with a shy little grin,
that actually, Mum,
he said,
it looks quite good :))
Did I say that I love being right!
Now I can paint it,
and then decorate around it,
and I will have my pretty little entrance.

I've been stitching and knitting this week,
things for the studio.
If you visit the Stitcheryroom blog,
you'll notice a slight change.
I've renamed it -
I'm just starting to set it all up for the winter,
and I'll show you over there.

See you later,


Elizabeth said...

Golly, you are so clever. It looks fabulous. Good on you

Leeanne said...

There is probably some builder of the year contest you can enter!
Holy smoke this IS the too hard basket for me....I need one for my studio, fancy popping up north?

Karyn said...

Impressive! DIY always look so easy on tv, but it's not. I don't enjoy it at all.

carole brungar said...

I'm proud of you! Well done!

Jo said...

Very impressive!

Simone de Klerk said...

You are amazing, Jenny!!!!! And if a teenage boy says it looks okay, than it is perfect!