Monday, May 28, 2012

Mitten info :)

Just a wee message
about the mittens,
for Julie:)
The mittens were knitted from a fabulous book,
''Knitting Little Luxuries''
Louisa Harding.
I got the book back when I had the shop,
and for some strange reason,
it just never quite made it out onto the shelf for sale!
Can't imagine why not,
must have got accidentally lost in the back room :)
Oh, and then I found it :)
It's truly gorgeous -
it shouldn't be too hard to find a copy of it -
it was published in 2007
through Interweave Press.
You'll love it :)

Good luck, and happy knitting.


Julie said...

Thank you for the book details - I have just requested it from my library,

Deb said...

ROFLMAO, I can imagine that there would have been quite a few things that never made it into the shop wouln't there Jenny. I would be hopeless if I had a shop, I'd want to keep everything-lol.

Simone de Klerk said...

Good for the book to have wanted to stay with you ;o)
I might get it for my sister, who is really enjoying knitting. Then she can make me the gloves (o:

Deb said...

Just found the book at Fishpond Jenny and of course had to buy it!!