Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This morning ...

Was running a little late this morning,
cos it's not so easy to "bounce" out of bed
these chillyish mornings,
I struggle a little with the inner demon,
that says ...
''Go on ...
hit the snooze button one more time,
I dare you..."
And so you do,
and then you are,
that is!!!
Thankfully it's was just the child's breakfast
at stake this morning,
and he's even worse than me
for getting going in the mornings!!
So I knew with complete confidence,
that no matter if I did hit the snooze button once,
or maybe twice,
that I would still beat him downstairs.
Now that I've had a cuppa,
and another,
I'm ready to get going!!
This was the gorgeous sight that greeted me
when I did eventually get up!!
Have a fabulous day,
it's feeling like a good one :)

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

What a great photo. Miserable day up here in Auckland. One minute it is sunny, next overcast and showery.