Sunday, June 3, 2012

Chocolate Sampler

I've made a start to a little sampler
of my favourite things ...
well ...
most of my favourite things,
cos it's a bit hard to stitch
coffee and chocolate into a sampler
though I did use one of Nina's gorgeous threads
'Dark Chocolat"
which is the next best thing.
And coffee coloured fabrics :)
My favourite things ???
Hearts, of course :)

... lace ...
(and chocolate)

(and chocolate :)

...some more hearts...
(and coffee :)

...another button,
and I really, really like this button ...

They're just little 2 inch squares,
so it's kinda fun
filling them with my favourite things.
I did a couple more last night,
a little bunnie in one,
and birdie in another.

I have the house to myself this afternoon,
the fire is going,
and there is Chocolate Cake on the counter bench,
Does it get any better :))
It would be careless of me not to taste it,
just to make sure it is cooked properly,
before the child has a piece for afternoon tea.
Choccy cake for lunch,
who's looking!!
See you


Elizabeth said...

Love what you are working on Jenny. Can I come for lunch and have a taste of your chocolate cake?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leeanne said...

Chocolate cake!! OMG I bought one of those glass cake stands with a glass domed lid....hubby says how can he keep his hands off the cakes when he can see it! Fair enough point!Great idea for a sampler.I guess if you stitched bits of chocolate to it, they wouldn't stay there!Blimin mice!

Simone de Klerk said...

What a lovely idea, Jenny! And the colors you are using are so my colors!

carole brungar said...

Oh my it's love at first sight! I'm also working on a small sampler with special things sewn on, like minds eh?
Except I don't have a chocolate cake, bummer, :( I do have lemon meringue pie??

NancyL said...

Love Chocolate! Love your stitching!