Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A wee giveaway :)

I've been thinking ...
the fabric I showed you yesterday
is so gorgeous
that I'd like to do a wee giveaway.
A fat quarter of each,
and all you have to do is leave a comment,
over on my
''like'' my facebook page :)
if you've already done the ''liking'' bit,
that's perfectly fine,
all you gotta do is
the comment bit :)
And I think that I will most probably
find a few other bits and bobs
to add to the giveaway,
but they will be extra little surprises :)
See you


Anonymous said...

struggling to find friends Jenny??

Leeanne said...

I'm sure you don't have a problem with friends! Love that quilt.

Jenny said...

I could delete your comment Miss Anonymous, but I'm not going to - what a killjoy!!

Anonymous said...

What a nasty spiteful comment...competition brings out the "best" in some ....

Elizabeth said...

I so enjoy your blogs. I can't believe what some people comment on though, just as well there aren't too many people like that

hylda said...

Well that was uncalled for, Jenny is such a nice person, with comments like that I know who is short of friends. The good thing is all of us know how lovely Jenny is

Saar said...

Love the quilt Jenny, can we please see some more of it. Is it Jackie Nichols pattern?