Friday, June 29, 2012

If you were a penguin ....

Gotta say ...
if you were a penguin
then I guess you would be loving our Dunedin winter,
but last time I looked
I wasn't dressed in black and white,
and I sure don't remember
signing up for a trip to the Antarctic,
so what the heck!!
I know it's winter,
but there's winter,
and then there's winter,
and this part of winter is not supposed to happen
until next month
or the one after.
All I can say,
And so to celebrate winter,
I have had the pleasure
of the head cold from hell
for the past week!!!
Today though ... nearly back to firing
on all cylinders,
but this week really hasn't been much fun,
and as the child will all too quickly point out
to anyone who is listening,
I'm not the most joyous of creatures,
when the head is trying to explode
outwards through my ears,
and the sun don't shine!!!
But like I said,
today ...
the sun is nearly shining again,
in all respects:)
And in the mail today,
was one super gorgeous wee reason,
that the sun was shining.
A bunnie came to visit...

... well, actually, she's going to stay,
'cos I've been spoilt.
My dear friend,Elizabeth,
sent me this little treasure.
Thank you so much,
she is just the cutest little bunnie:)

I've hardly touched a knitting needle, crochet hook
or sewing needle these past couple of weeks,
but I did find this during the week...

...and I'm thinking it could be a fun project,
to strip it back,
repaint it,
and some new fabric.
I'll keep you posted :)

before I go,
over on the other blog
I've got another little giveaway happening,
so go have a wee look,
you might like the fabrics:)

Did you know that chocolate is good for curing a cold?
It is, truly ...

See you
Jenny :)


By Hoki Quilts said...

Oh dear, doesn't sound too much fun there Jenny. Didn't you know that chocolate is good for everything that ails you ; ).
Well I'm wearing black and white, and I guess I sort of 'waddle' a bit but by crikey this Winter is a doozy.
keep warm and get well soon
hugs - Miche'le

Leeanne said...

I heard 50gms of chocolate a day keeps the Doc away!
How sweet is Elizabeth, if it is the Elizabeth I know, then she is a sweetie.
Have you tried Thompson's liquid echinacea.....good stuff.

Elizabeth said...

I think chocolate is good for everything too. I tried Whittakers peanut butter the other day yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Please Mr Bunny arrived at your place safely. Love that piece of furniture. i've just tried to do up a sea chest, but, not happy with result. I'm thinking I'm going to have to start all over again!!!!!!!!!

clare's craftroom said...

Of course chocolate can fix it , it fixes anything ! Get well soon because I'm looking forward to seeing the dressing table all done up !

Simone de Klerk said...

Poor you with the two cold fronts.
Oh yes, Elizabeth really brought sunshine to your day (:

Cyndi loves to stitch said...

I am much more penguin than camel it's been over a 100 past couple of days will be next few, no a/c at home and would gladly trade!! But sorry to hear you been feeling crummy!! I hope you feel much better soon! That is a REALLY cute bunny that your friend made!! Thanks for sharing!

TinaD said...

Feel better soon Jenny.
If its any consolation, it's cold in Melbourne too and forecast to be colder next week eek!

Jo H said...

There is nothing in life that chocolate can't remedy. Hope you're feeing better soon.

hylda said...

It has been a very cold winter and so much more of it to come. Glad you are feeling better Jen.
I love the Bunny your friend made, it is so cute.
Chocolate hhmmm I love it, say no more