Thursday, July 5, 2012


I know I've said it before ...
...there is something about Central Otago,
especially Alexandra,
that is perfect.
It's the rugged beauty of the hills
that inspires me,
and the scent of thyme in the air.
So...Alexandra beckoned on Monday.
We got on the road early,
loaded with downhill bike,
and a picnic rug:)
Got to the top of the hill nice and early,
for the first of many runs,
and when I stepped out of the car,
the first thing I smelt was the thyme,
which surprised me
as I didn't think it would be all that noticeable
at this time of the year,
and the second thing I noticed,
was the air..
it was perfectly crisp and cold,
so cold that it really did make you almost gasp!

I managed to sneak off with my camera at times,
in between runs.
Things looked so pretty in their frosty coats.

Here's the child,
waiting perfectly patiently
for his mother
to stop taking pictures of
dead plants covered in frost :)

And yes,
I'm pretty sure I know what he was thinking ...

... but,
this is me putting life and limb on the line
to get a shot of him ...

... and just to put things in perspective,
here's his feet!!!

And yes,
I'm pretty sure that you all know what I was thinking,
and it wasn't,
"isn't it a lovely day" :)
Before we sorted this shot
I did suggest that he keep a little to the left,
clearly he thought I meant
my left!!
We had a ''discussion'' as to what part of the word ''left''
did he not understand and his reply ...
"what are you worried about,
I was no where near you"
...ah, yeah right!!!
Just as well he was grinning from ear to ear
when he said that,
'cos I had to laugh :)
Had the most perfect day
in every sense:)

Not alot of stitching happening lately,
it's taken a bit of a back seat
to a huge shawl thingie I'm knitting,
that just seems to keep on growing,
and it's the perfect thing
 to be working on these chilly old nights.

Keep warm,
and keep left!!!


Elizabeth said...

hat lovely photos Jenny. I feel a bit ashambed how I've been complaining about the cold up here in Auckland, when I see the photos of the snow brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It has been quite nice today, once the fog lifted. I have had the heat pump off most of the day, but, will turn it on so as the house is warm for dear hubby coming in from work.

Simone de Klerk said...

What a lovely lovely day you had and so nice to share it with your son. He is a very patient young man. Not sure my son would be so patient!