Thursday, July 26, 2012

Treasures and Friends :)

This week I've been finishing off
some lovely little treasures
that I have stitched
using designs from Barb's gorgeous new booklet,
''When a Bird Sings''.

As you can see I had to use the
sewing machine
just a little bit
to make the wee pillows
you will be pleased to know that
my fabulously tidy sewing room
is still
fabulously tidy :)

Don't you love it
when a surprise package turns up in your letterbox.
I've had a couple of these lately
don't they just change the whole flavour
of the day.

Inside this "oh so pretty" paper,
(which I will be recycling
it's far too nice not to)
were these adorable
handwarmers :)

I've filled them with rice,
stitched them closed,
and heated them up,
they are wonderful!!!
(and very very cute:))
Thank you so very very much
for such a gorgeous
and totally
My hands thank you too :)

And a few days earlier
these arrived ...

...aren't these colours simply delicious.
Makes you think of spring.
These are beautifully hand dyed
by another friend
I've met
through the blogging world.
She was telling me about her fabric dyeing,
and said she would send me a few pieces to play with.
My goodness,
a few pieces indeed -
it's a whole stack :)
Thank you so very much
Hylda :)
The picture doesn't do them justice,
they are absolutely gorgeous.
I have been thinking about a project
to show them off,
and I think I have settled on something,
not telling
quite yet!
I've been spoilt, ay.
Ta ever so muchly,
you are such lovely amazing friends :)
Happy stitching,


Leeanne said...

Cute cushions Jenny. What fabulous hand warmers, do you put them inside gloves or just hold them?
Yummy surprise parcels for you!

Jo H said...

Talking of lovely surprises - I loved the care you took in wrapping and presenting my order that arrived in the post yesterday, quite beautiful. Thank you

Elizabeth said...

I love the little treasures you stitched - they are just gorgeous.

Hannah said...

Hello there,
Those hand-warmers are so cute! I'm tempted to stitch a pair myself now.
Also, your sewing room looks fantastic! Isn't it great to have a nice clean workspace - I find it so motivating when everything's tidy and ready to go!