Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stitchy Stuff

In case you were thinking
that I've just been wandering around
taking photos of frosty plants ...
I have proof
that I have been doing some other stitchy stuff :)
I've finished my
Chocolate Sampler...

... and I don't mind saying,
I'm pretty happy with it :)

I've finished two cushions
that I started weeks ago.
In all honesty,
I ''lost'' them in the sewing room
for quite a while.
The state of my sewing room is shameful,
so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for rain
next Monday,
'cos that's the day
that I've decided is the right day,
to get in there
clean it up!!!
And if it's raining,
there's a better than fair chance
that I will clean it up,
'cos there will be no ''garden'' distractions :)

Not sure which of these is my favourite,
but I do know that I really really enjoyed making them,
and possibly
I think
I will make some more :)

My knitty ''thing'' is also finished,
and it's already ''in service''...

I thought I had enough of the plain blue coloured yarn
to do the complete shawl,
but when I got to the end of the yarn
it was pretty clear
that I needed to add more to it.
I raided the various baskets of wool I have scattered around
(sorry, tidily stored in my sewing room!!)
and decided it was a good chance to use up
lots of end bits -
you know -
those little part balls of yarn
that you can't bear to part with.
In retrospect,
after spending approximately four and a half hours
sewing in ''ends''
I thought,
give me variegated yarn any day,
I have reduced the baskets of wool stash :)

I have been stitching
some of Barb's gorgeous stitchery designs
from her fabulous new book
''When a Bird Sings''
which you can find here
or here.
I've used Nina's threads
in my favourite shade of ''chilli'' red
and stitched them on linen ...

... very very cute little birdies ...

... some of these I will be using in little home decorations,
so sweet :)

So, that's my lot for the moment ...
time to go put the kettle on,
and a slice of cake would be nice!
Chocolate of course :)
See you


Elizabeth said...

Love all your projects. but, especially love chocolate sampler. Why don't you kit it? I'll be a taker!!!!!

Leeanne said...

I love how you framed it too.
Delightful cushions & the shawl is sweet, no doubt needed! We had a fantastic frost here in things must be COLD down your way Chick!
I made one chocolate cake yesterday evening for my boy to take to his friends ( they have four boys, so you have to send them with food!) Then another two today, we might get to keep one ? But if it does it will go in that glass cake stand for all to see, so it won't last!

By Hoki Quilts said...

Love , love love your chocolate sampler - please tell me it's a pattern that I can get my hands on

Carole said...

Ditto - love the chocolate sampler, please make into a kit, or at the very least a pattern :)

Cherie said...

Your sampler is just stunning, you clever lady!
Love the pillows as well, are you going to be selling Barbs book?
Have a great's raining so definately a crafty day happening here!
Regards Cherie

Hannah said...

I love the colours in the chocolate sampler - I'd also love a pattern or kit!

Simone de Klerk said...

Your chocolate sampler is so so so very pretty. If ever you are going to have a sew along in this, or a kit or whatever,count me in!!!