Saturday, April 12, 2014


Well, yes ....
it's been a month ....
and do you know what I have been doing
for the past month - working!!!
Just the way it goes sometimes,
but my goodness,
it's been a very very very long month.
Today I am having a day off
and I don't care in the least that it
is cold and wintry outside,
it's just nice to be home :)
So... the challenge ....
the Strawberry Tarts have actually met twice
since I showed you the challenge,
but have to say,
the first get together was a non-event
when it came to show and tell.
One of them forgot to bring hers:)
... and the other couldn't make it :)
 I had stitched some of mine
so was secretly quite relieved that
we had more time to complete it.
This is as far as I got back then ...
... and when we got together a couple of nights ago,
this was what I showed them ...
... I know,
it looks remarkably similar doesn't it :)
So we have a bit over a month to complete it
and I have to get myself organised
to make up the next challenge kit for these girls.
Now that is going to be fun.
Did a little bit of this stitching
at some point over the past few weeks.
They're two little projects
I'm working on.
Slow going though :)
Sometimes you've just got to make some stitches
even though you are not quite sure
where they are going.
 I have a vague idea of what these
will become,
but in the meantime,
I will just keep adding a few more stitches
until ...  
I think that winter has arrived today -
it is sooooo chilly.
I have some bits and bobs to put on the sale page,
but I think I will be not moving very far
from the heater.
And then I'm thinking,
a few more stitches,
a glass of red,
and can I have chocolate with that as well:)
See you :)


Leeanne said...

So hard to believe you are having winter, still hot up her in Northland!
loving the look of the goodies you are making, I wish I was in your little group........bit far to travel thou!

Deb said...

I quite agree Jenny, it has been chilly today. We have actually come home and put the heat pump on. I love the little bits of stitching you have shown us, looks so delicate and feminine. Enjoy your red wine and chocolate AND your day off.

Elizabeth said...

Hit abd humud up here in Auckland Jenny!!!!!!!!. Love what you are working on

Christine Barnsley said...

Your ongoing projects all look beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished items!! Keep warm! :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness. I have just read the comments and see that I have made awful mistakes. I seem to be hitting the wrong key so much lately. It should have read hot and humid.