Tuesday, July 14, 2009

These gorgeous little creatures are kind of appropriate right now! Another chilly weekend saw me inside and sewing! It was okay though as I did need to get some class samples finished - these cuties are from one of Marg Low's patterns, and are part of the Christmas Club classes that start next month. Just have to knit a teeny weeny scarf, now, for the two big guys at the back.

This is another of the classes - these are not my samples but Marg's - her Stitched Blessings stockings - one of her brand new patterns and just so lovely.

And here's my little angel for the vintage decorations classes - I think I will make some more of her in Christmas reds and greens - I quite like her!

My poor little car was frozen solid this morning - literally - the key would not turn in the lock! When I finally managed to ''break into'' her, it was a very cautious drive down the hill indeed, and she is now outside in the sun, defrosting properly. I need to go and move her into the garage now before the parking person comes or before I foget and the parking person still comes!!
Keep warm and keep stitching

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wintry skies = busy stitching fingers!

The last time I wrote I was about to commit serious bribery with sweets! It worked! Stocktake is completely 100% finished - the lollies certainly did make the task a whole heap more acceptable. And yeah - I did have a few but not so many as that child of mine - kids just don't seem to have a cut-off point when it comes to lollies!!!

There is defintely something positive to be said for this bleak cold winter that we are having - the stitching fingers are very busy. I found some partially completed stitcheries a few weeks back, so put them both into cushions. This lovely little primitive house one is a design by Tracey North of ''I Luv Country'' ...

..and this is one very recently finished - ''Marjorie'' by Barb Smith - I chose slightly different colours to what I would normally use for this as I was inspired by a customer who put these two fabrics together and I liked the combination.

Just this week I finished the little vintage stocking decoration which is the third in a series of classes I am about to start next month. I have really been enjoying playing with stitching and beads on these decorations - just have one more to do and it's going to be a little angel - might just get started on her this weekend.

Block three of the Gingham Girls is now all together - cute little handbags ...

... and this is the start of block four's stitching. I think this is so sweet.

I have to show you these Tanya Whelan fabrics that arrived this week - on a very gloomy winters day they definitely did the trick - just made me think of Spring and ever so slightly kid myself that it wasn't too far away! Aren't they gorgeous?

Wintry skies but busy fingers - and my crochet rug is coming along nicely too, but that's another story.
Keep warm and keep stitching!