Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Walk in the Garden

You wanna come for a walk with me through my garden
while I tell you all about the past few weeks:)
I took these pics last weekend.
Didn't want to miss out on capturing the wisteria on film.
As I walked up the steps after coming home from Christchurch
I knew it was in full bloom -
the perfume lingering on the air was amazing.
I've been to Christchurch for two weeks training.
Not sure exactly how to describe those weeks,
but probably it would be a mixture of...
and exhausting (but in the best possible way!)

Last week I was back in Dunedin,
starting to set up the store.
It's so much fun :)
Next week the fun really begins
with boxes and boxes and boxes of stock to be unpacked,
and shelved.
Have got lots and lots of helpers:)
The sheer quantity of stock is mind boggling.

I've been lazing about today,
and just might do the same tomorrow,
as I'm fairly certain
that there may not be much lazy time for over the next month:)
Popped out into the garden for a short time before the rains came,
and sorted the strawberry patch.
It was deliciously warm
and I was layering straw around the plants. 
The smell of the straw was divine.
Hard to describe how it smelt,
but it just reminded me of when we lived on the farm,
many many years ago.
I have no stitching or crafting to show.
Sad I know,
but I do intend to change that!
I poked my head into my sewing room today,
just to remind myself it was there:)
I started tidying up bits and pieces...
...and tonight I have a little stitchy project to work on:)
Inspired by the soft late spring colours.
Might be worth your while checking out my
Makers Studio blog :)
I think I found some bits and pieces today,
that looked pretty nice together...
...nice enough for a little giveaway:)
 See you
Jenny :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

My New Adventure :)

a couple of weeks ago
I saw an ad in the ODT for the perfect job :)
Seemed like it had been written especially for me.
I decided to apply for the job,
and the tiny spark of the
possibility of a new adventure fizzed.

I got an interview :)
Kind of a daunting process
if you've not been to one for over 20 years!!!
Waiting for the decision was ridiculously hard.
I don't think I realised quite how badly I wanted this job
until I had to wait for the decision.
I got a lot of sewing done on Jane's quilt
while I waited....

And then came the call to say,
the job was mine!!!!
All of a sudden,
the possibility of a new adventure became a reality :)

Lincraft is coming to Dunedin,
I'm the new Manager :):)
I'm still pinching myself occasionally,
just to make sure it really is real,
and yeah, it is :)
I'm soooo excited.
It's all about the things I love,
and what a challenge!!

Packing my bags today as I'm off to Christchuch tomorrow
for the first of two weeks training in their store
at Bush Inn.
Can't wait :)
it's been a crazy week here...
had to make some decisions about what stays and what goes,
and as you will know my wee website was one of the things to go.
The other thing to go is the B & B -
I realised that there was no was to do both things,
so I have closed my B & B.
To be honest,
it was a little sad closing both the website and the B & B,
but there is a time and place for everything,
and a new adventure awaits :)
In amongst all that was an impromptu trip to Queenstown.
Had promised the child a day trip there during the school holidays,
for him to ride the hill.
Had an amazing day -
perfect weather,
retail therapy,
stunning scenery,
and even an idle hour of just lying in the sun,
waiting for the child to return
from his excursions.
Yesterday, another day on another hill,
this time in Dunedin.
Another race,
but a little bit of a shame about the weather!!!
I was the lucky one to be standing
right at the top of the hill,
doing the starters duty -
gale force winds,
a little bit of rain,
a little bit of snow/sleet,
and some sunshine with absolutely not a speck of warmth attached.
Sub zero temperatures for most of the day.
How much fun can a person have in one day!!!!
He had a good race though:)
that's what I've been up to,
that's what I'm going to be doing,
and did I mention I'm soooo excited :)
Off now to pack those bags,
see you later
Jenny :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Stitchery Sale

A quick post to let you know
about the last two days of sale,
over on
The Stitchery's
website -
Not sure if my emailed newsletter has been delivered,
as we are having major hiccups with Orcon,
so thought I would let you know this way.
Check it out -
two more days,
then all finished:)
See you,