Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday's Quilt

I finished a quilt last week,
one that I started a long time ago.
Came across it while I was tidying,
and the top was all finished.
I've got the perfect floor space for putting a quilt together,
but it does mean several hours of crawling round
on hands and knees,
pinning it all together,
and every time I do this,
I forget
 that the next morning my behind
and the backs of my legs
are going to hurt like hell!!
There is a complete set of muscles
that I apparently never use for anything else,
but oh boy,
do they make their presence felt
every time I put a quilt together!!
Here it is ..'s pretty simple,
just some of my favourite fabrics,
with plain calico,
but I like the look.
It's Sunday's quilt.

We took a wee trip up to Nelson,
a couple of weeks back,
for the child,
(and me :)
He was racing the Nationals.
I love Nelson -
maybe that's where my next adventure will be one day :)

How cute is this? Very :)

Flower boxes down side alleys...

And "cute as" cottages...everywhere...

...cuter than cute ...

... and cuter still, if that's possible :)

Plants for sale...

It's a pretty town,
and just maybe .... one day?
See you