Friday, June 29, 2012

If you were a penguin ....

Gotta say ...
if you were a penguin
then I guess you would be loving our Dunedin winter,
but last time I looked
I wasn't dressed in black and white,
and I sure don't remember
signing up for a trip to the Antarctic,
so what the heck!!
I know it's winter,
but there's winter,
and then there's winter,
and this part of winter is not supposed to happen
until next month
or the one after.
All I can say,
And so to celebrate winter,
I have had the pleasure
of the head cold from hell
for the past week!!!
Today though ... nearly back to firing
on all cylinders,
but this week really hasn't been much fun,
and as the child will all too quickly point out
to anyone who is listening,
I'm not the most joyous of creatures,
when the head is trying to explode
outwards through my ears,
and the sun don't shine!!!
But like I said,
today ...
the sun is nearly shining again,
in all respects:)
And in the mail today,
was one super gorgeous wee reason,
that the sun was shining.
A bunnie came to visit...

... well, actually, she's going to stay,
'cos I've been spoilt.
My dear friend,Elizabeth,
sent me this little treasure.
Thank you so much,
she is just the cutest little bunnie:)

I've hardly touched a knitting needle, crochet hook
or sewing needle these past couple of weeks,
but I did find this during the week...

...and I'm thinking it could be a fun project,
to strip it back,
repaint it,
and some new fabric.
I'll keep you posted :)

before I go,
over on the other blog
I've got another little giveaway happening,
so go have a wee look,
you might like the fabrics:)

Did you know that chocolate is good for curing a cold?
It is, truly ...

See you
Jenny :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Winner is??

Just posted
the winner
over on The Makers Studio  blog:)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Last week's giveaway is closed now :)
I'll be back tomorrow with the winners name -
the child will do the honours tonight
and draw the name from a hat:)
See you then

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A wee giveaway :)

I've been thinking ...
the fabric I showed you yesterday
is so gorgeous
that I'd like to do a wee giveaway.
A fat quarter of each,
and all you have to do is leave a comment,
over on my
''like'' my facebook page :)
if you've already done the ''liking'' bit,
that's perfectly fine,
all you gotta do is
the comment bit :)
And I think that I will most probably
find a few other bits and bobs
to add to the giveaway,
but they will be extra little surprises :)
See you

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Catch Up Day

It's one of those catch up days,
cos it's way too cold to move out of the warmest room of the house.
It was like that yesterday too.
So, by the end of today,
all my "computer" work will be up to date.
I've been doing the facebook thing,
the Etsy shop thing -
yeah -
I now have an Etsy shop -
(got it on my side bar)
 go have a look there if you've never been,
just at Etsy in general,
'cos it is AMAZING!! 
I've been doing the accounts (yuk!)
and B & B booking stuff for next season
(which is sort of yuk but not quite so much Yuk as the accounts Yuk!)
(and those things are only 'yuk' cos I have to put some proper thinking into them and the brain works very slowly on cold days!)
website stuff,
lots of catch up emails,
and at night,
a little stitching ...

... so that I'm getting real close to finishing my sampler ...

... and some knitting...

And look what the postie delivered today.
This ...

... and this ...

... and I'm very happy to see them -
there's more about them and some more pics,
and I can't wait to start playing with them.

Went to the beach on the weekend,
with a friend :)
I'm a little ashamed to say
that it was the first time I had been to Tunnel Beach,
but now I can see why it's so popular.
I'll be going back in the summer :)

now I've got to go do the biggest ''yuk'' catch up thingie -
Oh joy of joys!!
I could leave it for a few more days,
but really,
what's the point,
it's gotta be done,
and today is the day!!
I seriously need to have some chocolate before I start this particular catch up job :)

See you later

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Chocolate Sampler

I've made a start to a little sampler
of my favourite things ...
well ...
most of my favourite things,
cos it's a bit hard to stitch
coffee and chocolate into a sampler
though I did use one of Nina's gorgeous threads
'Dark Chocolat"
which is the next best thing.
And coffee coloured fabrics :)
My favourite things ???
Hearts, of course :)

... lace ...
(and chocolate)

(and chocolate :)

...some more hearts...
(and coffee :)

...another button,
and I really, really like this button ...

They're just little 2 inch squares,
so it's kinda fun
filling them with my favourite things.
I did a couple more last night,
a little bunnie in one,
and birdie in another.

I have the house to myself this afternoon,
the fire is going,
and there is Chocolate Cake on the counter bench,
Does it get any better :))
It would be careless of me not to taste it,
just to make sure it is cooked properly,
before the child has a piece for afternoon tea.
Choccy cake for lunch,
who's looking!!
See you

Friday, June 1, 2012

Mittens again :)

Another wee message about the mittens -
popular little critters aren't they :)
Yes, to Barb,
I do have some for sale -
over on The Makers Studio   blog
you'll find them :)
Gotta scoot,
crochet, stitching and a coffee are waiting for me
in the studio :)
See you