Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pretty nice :)

I'm just going to pretend
that it hasn't been months
and months
since I've written ?!?
Can't pretend,
 that I've not missed
my stitching,
life has a habit of changing
and change is good :)
But spring brings renewed enthusiasm
for all sorts of things,
and one thing
that never fails to amaze me
how the garden here
delights and surprises me
year after year.
The bluebells and tulips have been and gone,
and now it is the turn of delphiniums,
foxgloves and
granny's bonnets.
The brilliant blue delphinium spikes
are so prolific this year -
I'm picking bunches of them for inside.
And so far,
fingers crossed,
there have been no full blast winds
to break them down.
I decided that I really really needed
to stitch some little pretties
And Christmas is coming,
so yes,
I thought,
if I start now,
I can make some little gifts.
I made this little heart,
just for fun,
and just for me,
to kick start my stitchy mojo again.

And today I played,
with my favourite things -
linen and lace
of course,
and a few little words ...

...live, laugh & love...


...happiness ...

... and a few notes of music :)
I'll decorate these now,
with a little bit of embroidery maybe,
some buttons and hearts -
a bit of this and a bit of that.
It's nice to be stitching again.
And it's nice to watch my garden grow.
And even though it's ridiculously busy,
life is pretty nice too:)