Sunday, January 27, 2013

Having fun :)

time does indeed fly
when you are having fun!
And I most definitely have been having fun,
but I have been working hard as well:)
And in between,
I've been enjoying our summer
which seems to have returned
in full force
these past few days.
It's lovely :)
Been out in the garden this evening
after coming home from work,
and brushing past the lavender
made me think
that I should cut swathes of it
and bring it inside.
Often I forget to do this
until it's almost too late
and the color is fading.
I knew the perfect place for it.
Jake made me this fabulous trug
for Christmas.
Isn't it gorgeous.
In all honesty I was so surprised
as I did not realise he possessed
such skills.
He has built it so beautifully
I think the lavender looks amazing in it.

This pic is taken underneath our plum tree
which has a ridiculous amounts of fruit
on it this year.
Last year I think we would have been stretching it
to say
we had six plums on the tree.
This year ...
more like six hundred!!!
Go figure.
How does that work?

The plums are delicious
and I'm at the stage where I try one each day.
They are still a few days off tasting amazing.
At the moment we are still in the
take a tentative bite stage,
wait for it,
still sour,
(and boy, does that taste wake you up!!)
I reckon just a few more days
of this fabulous sunshiney weather
and we will have more plums
 than we will know what to do with.
I have the day off tomorrow
so I am hoping for more glorious sunshine,
and I fully intend to spend
the whole day,
every single part of it,
in my garden.

The two stitcheries in this post
are from many years ago.
They were among the first I ever stitched,
designed by Cathy Penton.
I have quite a few of her designs stitched
and they remain some
of my very very favourite pieces.
Have to leave you with this quote.
I love these words.

I'm off to make some dinner,
and to start a little
cross stitch project!!
See you later
Jenny :)